Kode Wave 82 Carbon, Planchemag (France), Sep 2012

The text below is an excerpt from Planchemag #351, in shops now:

"The speed of this board surprised and definitely seduced all testers who rode it, both in a straight line and through the curves. More skatey than a Quad, it's got a very direct feel and behaviour, and the stability in large-radius curves is there once you commit to the rails, with a lot of vertical projection."

"The Kode Wave is one of the fastest and most efficient boards right now, allowing you to get out there and throw big airs."

"Acceleration and stability in the curve; eager to go from rail-to-rail, easy and controllable tail whip, efficient in side- and on-shore conditions"

"Nothing to report"

Length: 233cm
Width: 58.4cm
Weight: 6.6kg
Fins: 2 x 16.5cm

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