Kode Wave 82 Wood, Windsurfing Journal (Germany), Yearbook 2013

On the beach:
The Kode Wave is Philip Köster's signature model and can be used as a twinzer or alternatively in single-fin setup. The 82 is the second biggest of the four board range. In comparison to the previous year, the board gained some length and some additional width as well. This facilitates sliding-moves on the wave. The board has a double concave and the standard pads has one row of plugs for your front feet with three inserts each. The back foot offers two options. The Drake straps can be adjusted to a scale and secured against twisting with a pin. The board comes with two 16.5 G10 fins.

On the water:
Semi-planing, everything feels relaxed. With a lot of volume close to the mast-foot and nose, the board feels composed and little hick-ups when you misplace your feet do not result in instability. No time to relax however, since the slightest gust will accelerate the board to Mach 10. Gunning for your first ramp, you'll feel a little bit like the World Champion himself when you get propelled two meters higher than you usually do. While you're preparing for lift-off, the board stays controllable despite high speeds, forgiving even the bigger mistakes. On the wave the twinzer feels more loose than the Quad coming from Starboard, allowing for skatey rides down the line. Alternatively, a single fin allows for more grip and wider turns. Regardless of wider or tight turns, the board demands to be pushed into the curve with as much speed as possible. This is where riders who like to shoot for the lip after a bottom turn and who have the technical ability get to have fun. The board works well in typical Baltic-sea conditions, but its speedy character also allows for down the line conditions with wide turns - great!

For those riders who want to get the most out of the bump and jump characteristics the board has to offer, Philip's X-Twin fins by Maui Ultra Fins are a welcome alternative. It allows the Kode to be even faster and looser. For all other riders, the supplied fins will do just fine.

A super fast, very easy to control wave board, allowing for higher jumps than ever before. The Kode is a board without any weakness and a real recommendation for European conditions.

Length: 233cm
Width: 58.5cm
Weight: 6.82kg
Fins: 2 x 16.5cm (G10)

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