Red Bruch Storm Chase - Video and Interview

The new Red Bull Storm Chase Best Of Action video has been released! It's 4:28 minutes of insanity with unreal conditions and sailing from all of the riders. Thomas Traversa's 360, Brawzinho's goiter, Robby Swift's pushloop-into-forward, Dany Bruch's stratospheric late forwards are all in there, as well as some impressive jumps and crashes from Boujmaa. All and all, it just looks furiously apocalyptic out there!

Photo credit: Sebastian Marko / Red Bull Content Pool

Unfortunately, only 6 riders made it through the cut: Thomas Traversa, Daniel Bruch, Julien Taboulet, Victor Fernandez, Marcilio Browne and Robby Swift. Despite putting on an amazing show, Boujmaa Guilloul will not compete in the next mission. However, we were able to get a few words from Dany Bruch, who's made his way back home from Ireland. Here's what he had to say about the event and his immediate future:

Dany Bruch Interview

Starboard: Congratulations for being one of the 6 surviving Storm Chasers! How was it?
Daniel Bruch:
It was gnarly... I never expected to have so much wind! This was by far the windiest I have ever sailed in!

Starboard: What were the conditions like? What were you sailing on and why did you chose that setup?
Daniel Bruch:
It was windy, really windy...There were gusts up to 76 knots...incredible! And waves up to mast and half high! I was sailing on my 3.7 Severne Blade and on the Starboard Quad 74. I knew that the board could handle the chaos as I sailed totally overpowered with my 4.2 on it just a few days before the Storm Chase and it worked awesome. The sail was quite big, but to be honest, when the gusts would hit you, any sail size was too much! I might get a 3.3 for the next mission... Just in case!

Starboard: From Black Box conditions to Storm Chasing conditions, there's quite a big difference. Which one do you prefer?
Daniel Bruch:
Hehehe... To be honest, I prefer lighter winds and waves to ride better than conditions were you're hoping to survive...! But when you have to go for it, you go!

Starboard: How do you train for such conditions? How hard is it to land a simple backloop or forward with this kind of wind?
Daniel Bruch:
I don't think there is any special way to train for this except sailing in these kind of conditions. I had lots of windy days in my life with maybe 50 knots and that experience helped for sure. But yeah... a simple high jump was hard to land, so imagine a backy or a forward...!

Starboard: You weight around 90kg while Thomas Traversa is about 60 yet both of you performed very well. How do you think that is?
Daniel Bruch:
I definitely had an advantage with some extra kilos on me! Hehehe. But its amazing how Thomas could handle his 3.3 just as well or better than I could handle my 3.7... This is, once again, a perfect example that windsurfing is not only about strength, technique helps the most.

Starboard: If you could chose, where would you like to go for the second Red Bull Storm Chase mission?
Daniel Bruch:
I would love to go to Tazzy (Tasmania)! I was super keen to go when the first alert came up and I was bummed that it could not be... I am hoping for this one!

Starboard: Philip Köster is out due to an ankle injury. Do you feel like it would have been different with him competing?
Daniel Bruch:
Philip definitely would have put on a great show, it's a pity that he hurt himself... I would have loved to have him with us.

Starboard: You've got 6 months before the start of the PWA, what are your plans and goals for this year?
Daniel Bruch
: I've got loads of things to do on my schedule... Training to avoid injuries is always the main thing and then there's loads of sailing and some trips here and there, working on some new prototypes for 2015 that are already working insanely well, organizing the PWA event here at home, 5 clinics... etc. My main goal is to improve my 5th place overall on the Wave Tour and with 2 new events on the calendar, it will be a sick year for sure! I'm really looking forward to it!

Photo credit: Sebastian Marko / Red Bull Content Pool

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