Starboard Carve 121 Wood, WindSurf (UK), Jan - Feb 2011

You'll like… Super fun freeriding and easy accessible high performance
You wont like… Not as quick as the Futura

The Carve is now back by popular demand after being replaced by the Futura four seasons ago. It now sits alongside the Futura at the very top end.

At a glance
The Carve has a slightly more classic stretched outline shape and is a bit narrower than the similar sized Futura. It has a narrow tail with cut-outs on the underside and a narrow rounded nose. Available in either Technora or wood constructions, we have tested here the lighter, stiffer and slightly more expensive wood construction. It has three different footstrap position options, from intermediate to out right, full speed blaster. The fittings are the usual quality high standard that you'd expect from Starboard and it comes with a Drake Freeride 40cm fin.

Ride and handling
Stable at rest the Carve is easy to get around on. It planes very early and accelerates super smoothly up through the gears as it picks up pace. From the straps the ride is very comfortable and lively, with different footstrap positions that are well placed to suit different styles of rider. The Carve is well up there with the fastest boards on test and the best thing is this top performance is very easy to access, so any rider can enjoy and exploit it to its full. It feels controlled in all conditions and is simply a lot of fun to blast about on.

The Carve, as its name suggests, carves superbly. It feels like a smaller board when manoeuvring through turns and loves any size, shape or style of gybe. Although lively in the turn, first timers will appreciate how naturally it can gybe, while experienced riders will love how you can wind it up and crank hard in to carves with maximum speed and never slow down.

Summing up
The Carve delivers freeride high performance to all riders, with easily accessible straight-line speeds and versatile cornering it is one of the best all rounders for sure. If you want to blast fast and turn even faster then this one is for you.

Volume: 121(l) Length: 251 Width: 68
Weight/construction: 8 / Wood
Straps: 3, 2 double inserts for the back strap
Fins: Drake Freeride Glide 400
Sail Range: 5.0 8.0