Speedfreak update with Chris Pressler

Chris himself (Pic by Kerstin Reiger)

Chris Pressler is one of our very active Dream Team members, and when he's not travelling the world to promote windsurfing, participate in the PWA or creating some great footage, he's out there on his hometurf, chasing personal records.

Chris Pressler:

"By the end of 2010 the conditions had a lot of variety on my homespot, the lake Neusiedl. We got some days with strong wind from south eastern direction and I could get some good speed on my GPS. So I am currently ranked on top in the 2010 top speed at our lakes."

Check out Chris's times right here.

SE Wind delivers (Pic by Kerstin Reiger)

"It's really hard to reach a speed above 65 km/h on the super choppy shallow Lake Neusiedl, Austria. The best conditions are with strong south eastern wind. The 67,24 km/h max speed was my personal best I've ever done on the lake using a Reflex 6,2 plus an iSonic 86. You have to find a relatively flat area! Then it perhaps would be possible to speed up to 70 km/h. I really hope to reach this next level in 2011, but will need excellent conditions and a lot of training. It's so hard to find flat sections on the extremely choppy lake!"

The idyllic Neusiedler See (Pic by Kerstin Reiger)

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