Starboard iSonic 107 Wood, Windsurf UK, 2011

Starboard iSonic 107 Wood – Windsurf UK

The results

Now I'm sure what everyone wants to know is which is the fastest? We spent hours racing these boards up and down in all conditions, we also used GPS systems to log our speeds and our final results were that they are all very fast! It was extremely difficult to call a winner whereas there are so many variables involved. Including the rider that will affect the performance and I'm afraid there isn't one particular board that I can promise will win you automatically every race. If I had to rank the boards for top straight-line speed then it would be as follows: Starboard first, closely followed by the JP, followed even closer by the Fanatic and the RRD tight on their heels but for fastest round the bends then the order would be flipped on its head, so at the end of a race it would be very close indeed. For more individual info on how these boards performed please read on.

You'll like... A straight line rocket machine.
You wont like... Slightly more technical than last year's model.

This is the sixth generation of Starboard's iSonic Slalom line, designed and developed by Starboard's race team, which includes ex-world champions Bjorn Dunkerbeck and Kevin Pritchard. The range consists of ten boards and boasts six upgrades from last year, as well as an all-new full carbon construction in the larger sizes.

Replacing the 111, the 107 is a new design for 2011. It has a much deeper deck concave, which further lowers the rig into the board, and the deck around the straps is more raised to give the rider more control and comfort. The overall dimension and shape are very similar to last year's model but the tail cut-outs have been tweaked and the mast track has been moved slightly further back for improved top speed performance. The iSonic's are not supplied with fins but Starboard recommends a Deboichet SL4 40cm.

At rest the iSonic is not the most stable, with very little volume in the nose and the deep deck concave around the mast track. Fortunately it lifts very quick up onto the plane, so you can get quickly back into the straps where it is a lot more comfortable. The elevated position allows you to really drive the board hard and it rides very low and flat to the water. The iSonic points higher than any other board and also carries a lot more speed upwind, this enables you to position yourself well amongst the racing fleet for clean wind and easier overtaking manoeuvres. Round the corners it requires full commitment and will reward you with lightning fast exits when you get it right. You need to be able to fast-tack as there's very little volume up front. This iSonic is more technical to ride but once you have it dialled, blistering top speeds are easy to unlock.

Extremely fast in a straight line, especially on flat water, this year's iSonic has gone a bit more tech, aimed more at the higher level of rider. This sets it a bit further away from the Futura.

Volume 107
Weight 7.7 kg
Length 235cm
Width 68.5cm
Construction Wood
Sail range 5.8 – 9.0