Starboard iSonic 122, Wind magazine (France), Mar 2007

Top Choice Award 07

Delivered with two 44cm and 38cm Drake fins, this Starboard iSonic 122 benefits from very good kit. The straps are comfortable and easy to adjust; the pads are comfortable yet light. The Wood construction gives you a nice, light, rigid board under your feet. When stationary, the nose sinks quite quickly so you'll need to be wary and adapt your technique. As for early planing, it gets going quickly but again it needs a little bit of technique. Compact under your feet when sailing, the board feels like it's just an extension to your body. She rides low over the water with excellent control as she'll never fly away. In choppy water, the nose can catch occasionally so it becomes a bit more technical when the going gets rough. We also notice that it can hit the back of waves when going deep downwind. Upwind is its greatest strength where it gives the highest level of speed-to-upwind angle efficiency. When you go downwind, since it makes to feel so good, we have the confidence to push as far as possible and go extremely fast while feeling serene. It's a bit harder in rough waters but the board maintains its very high levels of performance. You get to top-speed very quickly and it carries through lulls superbly. The fin is quite stiff under your feet. The jibe is easy with a constant carve and a good exit speed. A reference for its performance across long distances in light wind.

+ High level performance, upwind, control, 2 fins

- Handling in choppy waters