Starboard iSonic 94, Wind magazine (France), Mar 2007

Top Choice Award 07

Starboard dropped the Sonics for these iSonics in these smaller slalom sizes so we were looking forward to testing these new shapes by Tiesda You. With an 80cm flat from the tail, the rockerline is already showing you its intentions. From the very first moments on the water, you know the iSonic 94 is a board you feel good on. The deck is comfortable and the straps are comfortable. Getting to grips with the board is easy, even though less easy than the Tabou. On the scale, it's the second heaviest but you don't feel any weight on the water. You drive off the fin very well. It whistles a bit but it gives you an excellent drive with an upwind ability that is easy and astonishingly efficient. Only the Tiga can keep up. The lateral stability is excellent and without any doubt the best. There was no tail walking problems, even at very high speeds in rough waters. That gives you a board that allows you to attack with full confidence since it offers excellent control at any angle and any situation. It makes you feel secure. The sensation of being faster is there, and that's confirmed when compared directly to others. It's a real bomb and it also makes the difference in marginal conditions or long distances when its control and ease allows you to maintain a high average speed. It's really a highly efficient board. When jibing, the grip and the carving response are good. As for the exit speed, it's by far ahead.

The Starboard is homogeneous no matter what the conditions, it maintains good control at the highest speed in rough conditions and offers the kind of upwind speed that could be critical in competitions like the Defi Wind Long Distance event.

+ performance, upwind, range of use, control, homogeneous

- weight