Starboard Evo XTV 75 Wood, Windsurf (UK), Sep 2007

At a glance

The width of nose and tail defines the Evo as a new school shape, sitting alongside the Acid in the Starboard wave range. Construction is available in both Wood and Technora: tested here is the lighter Wood Version. The straps are easy to adjust and comfortable, the deck pads include inbuilt heel bumpers. A G10 Drake Natural Wave 23cm fin is supplied with the board.

Ride & handling

This year's Evo is quick as well as controllable, planing early and accelerating up to speed rapidly. It feels perhaps a little larger that the quoted volume, providing a lot of stability for this size of board, but still has good control in rough conditions. In jumps it feels floaty and positionable in the air.


When riding the Evo has an easy and forgiving nature, whilst still offering performance for the more radical rider. The board can be ridden off either the back foot or the front foot, carving both tight or drawn-out arcs. It is particularly good at retaining speed in turns, and is capable in both onshore and sideshore conditions. The Evo has good stability in transitions and is forgiving of heavier footwork in gybes and the wide nose aids tacking. Although not designed with freestyle in mind, its width and short length gives it pretty good high wind freestyle performance as well.


The Evo has a wide range of user appeal; not just very forgiving it also has performance for the most advanced riders. It works very well in onshore conditions and mushy waves, and can also be used to good effect in down-the-line conditions.

For :

Versatility riding waves; this board is both forgiving and offers high performance.

Against :

Feels quite large; advanced sailors looking for more extreme performance should look to the Evo 70


The Evo is a versatile wave board for both inexperienced wavesailors and advanced alike.

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