Starboard Rio S, German Surf (Germany), Sep 2007


Type II, compact and sporty (shorter boards, built for sporty planing, with soft-deck, daggerboard, designed for also lightwind conditions for the whole family, extremely suitable for windsurfers who want to make the step from subplaning into planing)

Volume: 150 liters
Weight: 12,0 kg

Material/construction: Tufskin
Fin: Drake Shallow 41 cm/Deep Tuttle-Box

The results:

The short length of the Rio (235cm) goes with a width of 85.5 cm and an extremely wide nose as well. It's incredible how stable the board stays while tacking. The short Rio turns extremely well, feels super light because of the compact size and is the first board to get planing by far in the whole test group. The board will attract a windsurfer with higher skill level as well. The footstrap positions are available for absolute beginners (far inside) to experienced sailors (far back and outside). Overall it's a fresh and absolutely well designed concept.

+ thick nose protection, very quick in planing
+ surprisingly stable
+ complete equipment, extraordinarily easy to handle, extravagant in design