Starboard Evo XTV 75 Wood, Wind Magazine (France), Oct 2007

With the swells building and the wave season almost upon us in Europe, the October issue of France's Wind magazine tested and compared this years range of wave boards. When putting our 2008 Evo up against the rest. In short, they were impressed! Enjoy the translation below or click on the link to read the original in French.

Evo XTV 75 French test

The Starboard Evo XTV 75 Wood

The new 2008 Evo line from Starboard continues in the same spirit as last year. Modifications to the shape are slight but very clear: new V distribution, and a 5mm narrower outline. There's 300 grams less weight, and the Drake Natural Wave fin is now 23cm. We've always liked the quick adjusting footstraps, as well as the dual-layer pads with integrated shock absorbers. We also like the smaller number of footstrap options which spares you a headache, and the tuning options available are also indicated to make it even easier to set the board to your own preference.

On the water, the planing ability is decent. You feel good straight away with this board that really offers cutting edge performance in a maximum range of conditions without being super technical - especially in side-onshore conditions. It's very maneuverable in the surf, and very comfortable when closing tight turns or spinning around at medium speeds. You can surf off your back foot or carve huge bottom turns off your front foot without losing any control.

The board allows you to change nicely the carve radius at will and we like this versatility. It's not the most stable bottom turn in the group but it's pretty solid. The grip in cutbacks and the control in highwinds is good for a compact board too.

As a result, the Evo has impressed us with its versatility, it's a very good waveboard for all conditions and for sails from 5.3 to 4.0. A sure bet.

Also available in Technora.

+Versatility, how it surfs, wide range of use, balance

- its limits in very large, very choppy waves