Starboard Futura 101 Wood, German Surf (Germany), Mar 2008

On land: From the Carve to the Futura, the freeride shape went through three steps of new evolution in one season of development: wider, shorter and thinner. Compared to the previous year the Futura can be chosen one volume size smaller than the Carve - promises Starboard Designer Tiesda You. The enlarged width can carry bigger sails. A 15% thinner shape should offer a better control and the windrange should be even bigger. The rockerline of the Futura 101 is quite close to the slalom machine iSonic 101. Additionally the Futura got tuned with litte cut outs and a long, efficiency-oriented fin.

On the water: It is obvious the Futura is not a "three-straps" concept board. The option for one backstrap is more in front and only suited for learning going in the footstraps. Everyone who can already plane in the footstraps fixes four straps. The straps should be fixed as far as possible outside and at the back. With this footstrap position the Futura is trimmed like it should be. The freeride board is at its best when it gets sailed like a slalomboard: powered up with a lot of pressure on the back leg. The board flies perfectly balanced and well controlled over the water. The mast-foot position further in the back works well. The top speed can now be reached and even with this top speed you can carve into the jibe. The board carves safely on the rail even in very choppy water condtions, along all axis. While the board carves solidly through the curve, you only need to worry about your sail. The Futura follows its preferred radius, but this radius is actually perfectly set. Everybody who wants to turn more narrow, must give more pressure on the rail. The very compact feeling can be found as well in the jibe, you can stay in the back position quite long. The extra volume in the back makes many planing maneuvers easier.

Conclusion: A freeride board with an extraordinary strong performance and good control with very good powerjibing abilities. Less suited for jumping freestyle tricks, partly because a real three-strap option is missing.

Surf-Tip: For the performance oriented freerider