Starboard Futura 111, Wind Magazine (France), Feb 2008

Nervous, high performance and directional stability

The Futura replaced the Carve and S-Type and presents a new generation of freeride boards. We immediately feel a strong sports character. Planing is good and with a strong and fast acceleration. The sailing position is really comfortable and even after a few hours sailing it is not painful. It is really easy to control, but its speed and slight instability can disturb beginners. You have to be quick when tacking so you don't sink when you get planing; the board has a low nose and goes through the choppy water really easily because the board rides on the fin. The Futura is really lively, and does not compromise on any performance. It's one of the quickest boards in the group in all tacks and performs particularly well up wind. It jibes really well even in the choppy water with a lot of control but is not as easy to make a short jibe. It turns really well in the jibe and has an excellent exit after. Note that it has an excellent fin and a Tuttle box that allows for a higher-level fin too. Finally the board is for advanced riders who look for high-level performances.

     +     Good value, performances, equipment, control

     -     Slightly less accessible