Starboard Futura 133, Wind Magazine (France), Feb 2008

The Candidate for Speed Crossings

The Futura replaced the Carve and S-Type presents a new generation of freeride boards. The straps are comfortable and easy to set, and we found also the oval hole for the fin screw more user friendly and the access and the trim indication for the mast base makes the design more accessible. The board was stable in non-planing conditions, and planed really well in windy conditions with an on/off feeling. That feeling may disturb the medium level rider. It goes through the lulls easily and is the better overall board. The fin is excellent and very stiff which the more advanced rider, may make the sailing become uncomfortable. We can see the i Sonic features that have been incorporated into the board and they compliment the board very well. The Futura naturally holds a firm sailing line, however the board is still really maneuverable. The board almost feels like it is being sailed in autopilot, and is physically less demanding to sail. Note also it sails very well upwind, it gibes really easily and is stable in and out of the turn. Finally this Starboard offers high performances for every body in light and medium winds. A real performance candidate for speed crossing, and for those who don't want a pure slalom machine.

      +       High level performances, equipment, up wind/speed

      -      Slightly less accessible