Starboard Test Results by Planchemag , Aug 2008

Starboard iSonic 133 Test by Planchemag , Aug 2008

Quick to get planing, the board offers a lot of power for the back foot to apply fin and rail pressure and track up to speed instinctively. Its biggest strength: the performance/accessibility ratio on the reach and upwind. The closer to the wind you go, the bigger the advantage the board has over it's rivals. In the jibe, it's effective in the exit phase with plenty of power to carve out and overtake the other racers.

Starboard Apollo Test by Planchemag , Aug 2008

The sensation is amazing. It's hallucinating - there's no wind but your gliding at full speed! For the last hour or so, you've been sailing between 13 and 18 knots on the GPS in less than 10 knots of wind. No sound, no stress, it's a totally different windsurfing dimension. The Apollo is the guarantee that you'll be windsurfing every day with your local thermal wind.