Starboard Evo 75 WoodCarbon, German Surf (Germany), Jan - Feb 2009

Short Characteristic:

The Starboard EVO 75 is an excellent allrounder with special performance in big waves and turns over the front leg. The board runs extremely smooth and it is easy to ride. It can be really recommended for the freestyle or freeride use on flat water as well.

On shore:

Starboard shaper Tiesda You gave the Evo 75 a flat deck and unobtrusive double concaves in the underwater hull. As always one screwdriver fits all, inclusive the screw for the 23 cm long US-Box fin. The footpads are comfortable and big. Also the footstraps got upgraded - they are now softer. Due to the bigger outer shell the footstraps are now easier to make bigger.

In the water:

Already after a few meters on the Starboard Evo you have to recheck the volume size on the deck, to make sure, you did not take the 80 liter board accidentally. The Starboard lies very stable and solidly in the water and gives you a safe feeling when crossing the white water. As well the riding performances (planing, acceleration) are great, which satisfies wave beginners and experts likewise. Someone who uses his waveboard as well in flatwater will appreciate the quiet running and the cushioned feeling. But not at all is the Evo not radical. Especially when sailing long drawn-out turns over the front leg in big waves the board scores high. The Starboard allows all radii, equal wide or radical narrow, without restriction. However the board has a bit less turning quality compared to the JP or Fanatic. But particularly for heavier sailors (> 80kg) this should not be a problem. In weak wave conditions like at the North Sea or Baltic Sea the board keeps the speed in the bottom turns brilliantly and provides still enough speed for the cutback.

Surf-Tip: Top allrounder
Material: Gelcoat-Sandwich
Fins: Drake Natural Wave 23,0 cm/US-Box/G10
Volume: 75 litre
Weight: 5.5 kg
Length: 234.3 cm
Width: 55.5 cm