Starboard Evo XTV 70 WoodCarbon, Wind Magazine (France), Mar 2009

Despite its low volume, the Starboard Evo XTV 70 is one of the widest boards, having a max width of 30 cm. The new construction Wood/Carbon is very light, the equipment feels perfect with the 22cm G10 fin, the heel bumpers and anti twist strap system is also good.

With Its small volume compared to the others, some would argue in light winds it is slightly tricky, however the Evo does the job honorably. We were very surprised in its ability in planing and was very comfortable with 4.7 - 5.0 sails. With a low thickness the floatation is still good, but pay attention when you tack. The board feels super light under your foot, it's a pleasant board to use and very easy in choppy water. The board is easy to immerse the rail in surf to have a nice controlled bottom turn even in bigger waves too. The balance and stability is really sweet. The board turns easily, but needs to be pushed a little more than the Tabou at the end of the turn to come back up vertically. The roller is particularly good with exceptional grip for a compact board. The new inside rail notch allows you to do really big cutbacks with out slipping. You can do wide or short jibes in the surf with excellent control and good maneuverability. Regardless of wind direction or wave quality, the Evo XTV 70 is a great success. It's a bit too small to be the board that can do everything for a medium weight rider, but it's a reference in strong winds or for light weight riders.

   +   versatility, control, maneuverability, technically easy

   -   A bit small, Price (expensive)