Starboard Futura 133 Wood, German Surf (Germany), May 2009

On Land: A maximum width of 77cm and a shape at the tail which reminds us of a spoiler, a 48 race fin (tuttle box) and proper cut outs, the Futura can be seen in between the gentle free-ride boards as the Ferrari at the VW GTI meeting.

The shape: a double concave shape in the front and a planar V from the fin box to the back.

On the water:The Futura shows where it can go in the near future. Super stable while sub-planing - and definitely excellent for intermediates - and while fully planing the fastest board of the whole test group,

nbsp;  •   F2 Vantage Air 135
nbsp;  •   Tabou Rocket 135
nbsp;  •   BIC Core 133
nbsp;  •   Fanatic Shark 130 LTD
   •   JP-AUSTRALIA X-Cite Ride-II 130 FWS
   •   JP-AUSTRALIA Super Sport 74 V 127 FWS
   •   LORCH Breeze 129 Silver line
   •   RRD X-Ride 135 W-tec.

You can learn to plane with the Futura and can keep the board till you race on the Slalom course. The Futura is easy to control at top speed. The board planes super stable and does not have any tendencies, to catch the water (to roll) or to get lifted in the air, despite a big sized powerful fin.

The planing position is extremely free, with the feeling being flat on the water. The board has a top average speed and when the Futura 133 turns in an upwind direction no other board can follow.

The mix of sports feeling when sailing, the performance and the control is unmatched inside this test group. Surprisingly the longer boards, which are just a bit longer than the Futura 133 (+5 - 12,5 cm), start to accelerate a little bit smoother. However if you pump with the Futura once you will be rewarded with the fastest acceleration.

Additionally the Futura and the JP Super Sport can carry the biggest sail sizes inside this group. In the jibe you feel the width of the board. The board needs definitely more pressure and does not feel that gutsy like a Lorch.

In choppy water conditions the Futura 133 stays extremely stable. If you are on the way to learn the power jibe, this board is exactly the right tool for you. The Futura 133 is the SURF tip, when you are looking for a sporty Free ride- Free race board.

Short description: The Starboard Futura 133 is exceptional because of best top speed and a lot of performance upwind- and downwind sailing. Its width and the stable planing position makes the Futura feel quite easy to sail with.

In between comfortable and direct
Suitability: 3 of 5 points for intermediate sailors
4 of 5 points for free-rider
5 of 5 points for free-racer

Inactive planing 13 of 15 points
Planing through wind lows 13 of 15 points
Speed medium wind: 14 of 15 points
Topspeed: 15 of 15 points
Control: 13 of 15 points
Sporty power jibe: 10 of 15 points
Learning power jibe: 14 of 15 points