Starboard iSonic 101 and 121 WoodCarbon, Planchemag (France), Nov 2009

iSonic 101 WoodCarbon - Planchemag Oct/Nov 2009

You can go full bore, the board is very controllable and it offers an incredibly wide user range. It is in highwinds that the board impresses the most, as you feel so totally confident you can keep sheeting in when on other boards you're at the limit of exploding. We also appreciated an easier jibe-entry with the tracking-on-rails impression and most of all, an incredibly efficient exit speed.

iSonic 121 WoodCarbon - Planchemag Oct/Nov 2009

The new isonic 121 takes off quickly and immediately offers power to crank upwind and position yourself in a race. The general ride is ultra stable, both lengthwise and widthwise. It is a mix of glide and pressure that gives you your speed and the ability to look for tight upwind angles and deep downwind angles. Some may find it less spicy, but its high average speed no matter what the conditions are is undeniable. Jibing seems to be easier, easier, faster and with more tracking. A reference.