Starboard Quad IQ 77 Wood Carbon, WIND (France), Oct 2010

Starboard Quad IQ 77 Wood Carbon, WIND (France) Oct 2010

"Incredibly responsive fish"


Originators of the 2010 Quad, Starboard returns with an adaptable IQ version of their Quad for 2011. In Quad mode, all fins are interchangeable through the slot box, so you can even configure it as a twin. What we see are quite wide fins, the straps set quite far back and a curvier scoop than last year's edition.

On the water

Right from the start the Starboard is very alive and very responsive regardless of fin configuration, especially with the large fins in the back (the configuration we mostly preferred, even with side on-shore conditions). Getting planing is good without being excellent. There's less grip because of the smaller fins compared to last year, so there is a small decrease in upwind quality. But the gain in handling and responsiveness is enormous. The Quad IQ left a lasting impression amongst our test team riders. Super light under the feet, we often put the mastfoot a little more forward than recommended for increased control in the bottom turns and on a straight. In the surf, handling and responsiveness come together. It's a real fish that continuously generates speed on little waves and lets you boost it form turn to turn. Its carves really well. In the cutbacks the Starboard is a little less guided than other, more narrow boards. There is a tendency to slide but that doesn't mean that you lose control. It's an advantage in that you are able to change directions instantly.


A board that presents two interesting faces. Versatile and accessible because of its general shape, it will tolerate a margin of error, but equally lets you push yourself to the limit, because it turns well and has an extraordinary responsiveness. A great machine to surf little waves.

Plus: Behaves like a fish, responsive and picks up speed fast, well equipped

Cons: Less sharp in big waves, pricey