Starboard Quad IQ 82 Wood Carbon, WindSurf (UK), Nov - Dec 2010

Starboard Quad IQ 82 Wood Carbon, WindSurf (UK), Nov - Dec 2010

You'll like... super adaptable and easy to rip up anything
You wont like... changing the fins about


This is the second generation of Starboard's Quad range. For 2011 it has a completely new shape and new Slot Box Fin System.

At a glance

The 2011 Starboard Quad IQ 82 is wide across the middle with a narrow pintail. The new Slot Box fin box system is lighter than the US box and allows you to swap fins more easily. It's supplied with two 11cm, two 13cm and two 15cm fins to give you maximum adaptability when tuning your ride. (11's + 13's in the Quad set - big fins forward and small back for Onshore conditions or vice versa for sideshore, or the 15's for twin fin “skatey” mode). It has comfortable deck pads, new footstraps and fluorescent yellow highlights in the graphics.

Ride and handling

The Quad IQ's 58.8 cm width makes it extremely stable underfoot, lifting it up onto the plane very early. It is very comfortable and easy to sail and remains controlled even when the conditions get challenging. The fins grip well, offer good traction and upwind performance.


On the wave it will turn as tight or as loose as you like and by adjusting the fin configurations you can really tweak the way it will perform on the wave. We tested the Starboard in each of the fin configurations and it was preferred by all testers set up with the big fins back and small ones forward. It holds a very solid rail through the bottom turn and carries good speed to the lip where you can smack it hard and it loves to boost aerials. In the air the Quad floats well, is easy to control and lands smoothly.

Summing up

Last years Quad was good but Starboard have developed and improved it for 2011 and it's even better. Suitable for all levels and styles of rider.


Volume: 82(l) Length: 234.5 Width: 58.5
Weight/construction: 7.2 / Wood Carbon
Pads: Heel bumpers
Straps: 3, 2 double inserts for the back strap
Fins: 2x11/2x 132x 15 Quad/Twin
Sail Range: 4.0 6.0