The new fluorescent Flares. The Flare family returns with a striking new livery, with a new Flare 116 model and welcomes back a classic shape in the Flare 88.

The test team: Taty Frans (PWA 2010 Vice Champion), Kiri Thode (PWA 2010 3rd), Dieter Van Der Eyken (EFPT 2010 7th) Sarah Quita Offringa (2008, 2009, 2010 PWA Freestyle Champion), Nicolas Akgazcyan (EFPT 2010 Vice Champion) and Mattia Pedrani. The design team: Tiesda You and Sven Akerboom. The result: five versatile models for fast, fun freestyle.

The design

The Flares are freestyle boards that aim to blend speed and power with maneuverability, ease-of-pop and control. The speed and power comes from the fast, flat rockerlines with lots of width in the midsection and tail. A smooth tail kick, a thin nose, a thin midsection profile and a thick tail volume bring in the maneuverability, the ease-of-pop and the forgiveness to finish moves. With the unique heel gutters shaped into the deck, your feet wrap around a curved, ergonomic curve for total comfort and total control. Fast, fun, forgiving: the World's most advanced and lightest freestyle boards.

ProKids Flare 72 and 60

Two mini freestyle boards for riders weighing 50kg or less, scaled to fit the smaller riders: smaller strap stances, lighter construction.


WoodCarbon: Wood bottom, carbon deck. The lightest, stiffest option.
Wood: Wood skin both deck and bottom. Extra light, rigid and comfortable.
ProKids Flares: Glass/PVC sandwich construction

See Technology page for more details.


  1. Fish scale pad grooving - unidirectional traction. Grips when you need them to, then helps to release when you wipeout.
  2. New Deluxe straps by Drake - includes innovative strap size adjustment indicators.
  3. Heel gutters - exaggerate the deck dome effect for more comfort and grip.
    "The Flare is the best board in this group for general blasting around and bump and jump. It feels very light and stiff underfoot, the domed deck is unique and absolutely brilliant. It makes life so much more comfortable on your back foot than any of the other boards in this group and makes the board great fun for popping jumps and forwards etc without the pain associated with flat decks."
    Boardseeker magazine
  4. Double screws for the back footstrap - for extra strength
  5. Fin positioning guide - adjust your board for more grip or more slide
  6. Fast rockerlines and thinner shapes for a lower CG: maximum aerial control and increased responsiveness.
    "The Starboard shines as a freestyle board that can also be fun in small waves and bump and jump conditions. There is no doubting the board is fast. It is not only fast but also extremely controllable at speed."
    Boardseeker magazine
  7. Increased tail volume - for more float and tolerance in reverse moves
  8. Drake Crossover CNC G10 fins - designed by Curtis Hesselgrave

NEW! Protect - UV protective film: more durability and a longer lasting wood finish (Wood Models).

Studio Photos

Action Photos

Flare 88
Flare 98
Flare 106
Flare 116
WoodCarbon Wood Technora Volume Length Width Tail width Thickness Bottom shape (from tail to nose) Number of footstrap rows Fin Finbox Recommended fin range Recommended sail range Weight (Wood/Carbon) Weight (Wood)
o o 87 239 60 36 11.9 Flat Vee 1 Drake Crossover 220 US 8" 14-24 4.5-6.0 6.07 6.39
o o 98 237 62.5 42.2 12.2 Flat Vee 1 Drake Crossover 240 US 8" 14-28 5.0-6.8 6.51 6.95
o o 106 239 65 42.2 12.6 Flat Vee 1 Drake Crossover 260 US 8" 14-28 5.2-7.0 6.68 7.13
o o 116 242 70 43.6 13.1 Flat Vee 1 Drake Crossover 260 US 8" 14-28 5.5-7.3 TBC 7.4
Carbon / WoodCarbon / Wood / Technora Weight are + or - 5%
Tufskin Weight are + or - 6%