"An extremely adaptable board that does everything you ask of it. Crisp and exciting to ride. A highly recommended thrill-seeking multi-purpose machine." Windsurf UK, Jan-Feb 2010 on the Kode 103.

The Kode: Wave freestyle machines mixing aggressive power with speed and maneuverability. From 68 litres up to 123 litres, the Kodes come in eight sizes that cover it all. So the question is no longer: What is the Kode? The question is: Which Kode?

Which Kode?

The Kode 68 - The smallest Kode. Designed by Boujmaa Guilloul for his wave riding and bump n' jumping needs, covering Moroccan highwinds to Maui big waves, for riders from 60kg to 75kg. The Kode 68 mixes a compact outline into a gunny tail with soft, round rails. Blends flowing style with speed. A special stand-out in the Kode range.

The Kode 74 and 80 - the pure wave board classics in the range also offering highwind freestyle and highwind bump-n-jump performance. Fast, down-the-line shapes with gunny tails and fast rockerlines. These have been Kevin Pritchard's favourites amongst the Starboard range 3 years in a row. Choose between the 74 and the 80 depending on your body weight and sail size. The 74 shape remains unchanged. The 80 shape has extra tail kick, for more maneuverability, a smoother, tighter top turn and a shortened nose, for a quicker response.

The Kode 86, 94 and 103 - the fifty-fifty blend between wave and freestyle. Always fast, always powerful and always aggressive, these Kodes have more width, more tail volume and more pop for full freestyling ability. New 94 and 103 shapes: thinner side profile for a lower centre of gravity that equals more control, more maneuverability and more responsiveness. New, narrower tails make for quicker turns. More rail volume in the tail gives more pop, more grip under your back foot, more riding comfort and make the jibes more forgiving.

The Kode 113 and 123 - the two largest boards that add freeride to the wave-freestyle equation. Blasting up and down the coast, carve tight jibes and throw in freestyle pops with light-wind wave riding rollers. Compact and fast, these Kodes have a wide wind range and can carry bigger sails. New for 2011:some extra rail volume was pumped into the tail to add early planing power, add more grip to your back foot and offer more forgiveness to the exit of a jibe: it's harder to stall it so that you can come out planing more easily.

The secret Kode Part 1: the Spiraling Vee bottom shape. Lots of Vee in the front of the board spirals into less vee between your feet. The vee in the front increases the engaging rail's angle of attack when the board is carving, which creates extra drive into the turn. This bottom shape also creates a high-flying lively ride that's pure joy.

The secret Kode Part 2: extra thin rails in the mid-section of the board create extra bite into the water, giving the Kode's their aggressive touch.

The SPONGE: The Kode 86, 94 and 103 also have a new pad design: 10mm of super soft SPONGE foam, pre-shaped and covered in fish-scale grooved EVA skin. The skin forms over the sponge and curves into the board's deck, giving a great feel of comfort and grip.


WoodCarbon - The lightest, stiffest option;
Wood - Extra light, rigid and with the team's favourite feel;
Technora - Light and stiff, and the best priced option.

The 68, 74, 80, 86 and 94 models are beefed up to handle harder rides and bigger jumps. see the Technology page.

  1. Fish scale pad grooving - unidirectional traction. Grips when you need them to, then helps to release when you wipeout. 10mm pre-shaped SPONGE underlay on the Kode 86, 94, 103.
  2. New Deluxe straps by Drake - includes innovative strap size adjustment indicators.
  3. Heel Bumpers - for comfort and impact shock-absorption (Kode 68, 74, 80)
  4. Double screws for the back footstrap - for extra strength (Kode 68, 74, 80)
  5. New Fluorescent orange touches

NEW! Protect - UV protective film: more durability and a longer lasting wood finish (Wood Models).


Studio Photos

Action Photos

Kode 68
Kode 74
Kode 80
Kode 86
Kode 94
Kode 103
Kode 113
Kode 123
WoodCarbon Wood Technora Volume Length Width Tail width Thickness Bottom shape (from tail to nose) Number of footstrap rows Fin Finbox Recommended fin range Recommended sail range Weight (Wood/Carbon) Weight (Wood) Weight (Technora) Weight (Tufskin AST)
o o o 68 228 53.5 32.2 10.6 Flat Vee to Double Concave 1 Drake Natural Wave 210 US 8" 19-23 3.0-5.0 5.54 5.64 6.41
o o o 74 234 54 33.4 10.9 Flat Vee 1 Drake Natural Wave 220 US 8" 20-24 3.3-5.3 5.72 6.01 6.47
o o o 80 232 56 33.9 11.8 Flat Vee 1 Drake Natural Wave 230 US 8" 21-25 3.5-5.5 5.92 6.08 6.57
o o o 86 237 58.5 38.3 11.5 Flat Vee 2 Drake Freewave 260 US 8" 14-26 4.0-6.0 6.39 6.26 6.53
o o o 94 237 60.5 38.6 11.4 Flat Vee 2 Drake Freewave 280 US 8" 14-33 4.5-6.5 6.57 6.54 6.67
o o o 103 237 64.5 41.8 12.1 Flat Vee 2 Drake Freewave 300 US 8" 14-34 5.0-7.0 6.31 6.48 6.8
o o o 113 237 68 44.7 13.3 Flat Vee 2 Drake Freeride Glide 380 Tuttle 26-40 5.2-8.5 6.64 6.74 7.19 9.2
o o o 123 236 72 47.1 13.5 Flat Vee 2 Drake Freeride Glide 400 Tuttle 28-42 5.5-9.0 6.82 7.02 7.48 9.6
Carbon / WoodCarbon / Wood / Technora Weight are + or - 5%
Tufskin Weight are + or - 6%