The introduction of the Serenity in 2005 created shockwaves in an industry that seemed to have forgotten about lightwind windsurfing. The Serenity's incredible round-hull design sparked renewed excitement in the world of longboards and lightwind windsurfing. Today, thanks to designs like the Serenity and the growth of stand-up-paddling and windsupping, lightwind windsurfing enjoys once more a growing popularity among old and new windsurfers alike.

Serenity Mk II

The Serenity is the uncompromised lightwind board designed to give the most exciting, lightwind ride in 1-10 knots. The board's round-hull design is inspired by racing kayaks and Division II boards of the 70s and 80s. The Serenity is also about simplicity. This principle created a design that needed no retractable daggerboard, adjustable mast track or footstrap, thus keeping the board light and easy to use: just jump on, glide and go. In lightwinds, this is the most exciting and fastest board.


  1. Centre carry handle
  2. The fin bolt access acts as a cup holder, for convenient beer storage
  3. Powerful 70cm centre-fin with a thin, flexy tip. A 41cm Shallow fin is also supplied for shallower waters or higher wind conditions.
  4. Tail fin increases waterline efficiency and adds longitudinal stability when tracking upwind


The K15 is the new round-hull model that is close to the Serenity in concept, with more a stable shape and including a cockpit. This cockpit fulfills three purposes: it makes the board much more stable for windsurfing, it gives room for a passenger to sit aboard, and it makes the board stable for stand-up-paddling. As a SUP, the K15 is ultra-fast and efficient for flat water paddling.


  1. Deck cockpit dramatically increases board stability for windsurfing or stand up paddling

Action Photos

K 15
Wood Sport Tech Volume Length Width Tail width Thickness Bottom shape (from tail to nose) Number of footstrap rows Fin Finbox Recommended sail range Weight (Wood) Weight (Sport Tech) Weight (Tufskin)
o o 303 460 61.5 16.9 20.8 Round 0 Drake Race XL 700 + Serenity tail fin 135 Deep Tuttle + US Box 5.0-11.0 14.28 14.76
o o 228 460 76 22.4 18.6 Round 0 Drake Shallow 410 = SUP Pin Fin 260 Deep Tuttle + US Box 16 TBC
Carbon / WoodCarbon / Wood / Technora Weight are + or - 5%
Tufskin Weight are + or - 6%