The purely experimental Serenity Cat was our case study to explore how far we could push the concept of sharing windsurfing. We wanted to see how a totally different approach could transform the windsurfing experience.

To maximize the ability to share windsurfing, we need an ultra stable shape that could carry up to two passengers. The design had to be more stable than any other board we have ever conceived.

To maximize the fun, we needed a board that glides effortlessly and was packed full of features to make cruising social and most enjoyable. From beer can holders, fishing rod holders and water-tight storage compartments to store sun-block lotions, phones and sandwiches, we needed plenty of neat ideas.

On the water, its greatest feeling of all is the effortless and speedy glide. The Serenity Cat, with its twin round hull design, glides beautifully and accelerates in the lightest of breezes.

The world's most stable and most social windsurfing board. A truly different windsurfing experience altogether.


  1. Cup holders and water-tight storage compartments: keep your sun block lotion, phone and lunch sandwiches with you.
  2. Raised upper deck. One adult or two kids can join you on board.
  3. Strap loops on the deck: bringing an ice-box? Strap it down using the convenient strap loops placed around the deck and side sections.
  4. iDO inserts: if you want to make learning windsurfing even easier, add an iDO that will hold the sail upright.
  5. The side sections of the upper deck are raised. These side sections of the upper deck support the sail when it is not used, keeping it dry and out of the water: uphauling is always easy.


Studio Photos

Serenity Catamaran
Volume Length Width Tail width Thickness Fin Finbox Recommended fin range Recommended sail range Weight (Wood) Weight (Sport Tech)
N/A 460 175 130.5 N/A N/A Deep tuttle + US Box N/A N/A N/A N/A
Carbon / WoodCarbon / Wood / Technora Weight are + or - 5%
Tufskin Weight are + or - 6%