Below: a beer break at a local windsurfing beach in Western Australia. Seen here in the photos are Martijn Haglev, Starboard's marketing manager, Iballa Moreno and Scott McKercher, both windsurfing world champions. On the right: Philip Koster windsurfing's youngest ever tour winner and his Dad, Rolf Koster.

The vast majority of windsurfers today first started windsurfing through a friend or a family member. We learnt from our Dads, we learnt with our friends, we teach our kids and love to share our passion with those around us. Like many sports, hobbies and social activities, windsurfing is a way out of the office, out of school, into the weekend and into spending time with friends and family.

Unlike any other sport or hobby however, windsurfing is a unique combination of many natural elements. No other sport combines wind and water with man's passion for flying, for conquering oceans and lust for travel and adventure, yet remain so accessible to people of all ages - from 5 years old to 75 years old - and then in so many locations: light wind lakes, summer oceans, fresh water rivers, and from flat water to surfing waves.

A combination of a board, a sail and some friends, and the world of wind and water awaits.

Left: Svein Rasmussen, founder of Starboard and a windsurfing visionary, is seen here windsurfing with his girlfriend on a tandem windsurfing board off the coast of Thailand, by the small island of Koh Lin. This island is well known for its crystal clear waters that's at the perfect temperature all year round. Svein started Starboard in 1994 - with US$ 10,000 of savings. Throughout 15 years of a competitive career, he won 10 Norwegian championships and numerous Nordic, European and World championships. He was also a gold candidate for the Olympic games in LA 1984 after his second place in the pre-Olympics.

Above: Bjorn Dunckerbeck, 12x overall windsurfing champion, is windsurfing here with his son who is using a 1.2m Eco sail fitted with the iDO system.

Below: Ian Fox, contributing R&D tester at Starboard, teaches his two kids Carter, aged 7, and Tyler, aged 4, windsurfing on the Super 12 board with the Eco sail package.

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