Two main advances in windsurfing equipment have made the sport an easy skill to learn. The first was Starboard's introduction of wide boards to market in the late 90s. These boards are around 80 to 100cm wide. They have lots of volume and they are stable on the water, making windsurfing much easier for people of all age groups.

The second advance is the iDO. Dario Oliviero, the inventor, and Starboard introduced this iDO device to windsurfing early in 2009. The iDO is a device the attaches itself between the windsurfing board and the sail: it will keep the sail upright.

This alone makes the early stages of learning to windsurf very easy: it's like learning to ride a bike with the side wheels on. Everyone can do it from the first try. Once the new windsurfer is confident and mastered the basics, the iDO is removed and the sail has more freedom to allow further progress.

'learning to sail is a lifetime skill'

Like learning to ride a bicycle, learning to sail is a lifetime skill will live many generations down from you.

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