View Full Version : Snug foot strap position-problem for big feet?

25th November 2010, 08:54 PM
one of six upgrades on the isonic range for 2011 is:

"UPGRADE FIVE: Snug Strap Positioning
All the front footstrap plugs were narrowed down to have an aperture of 14.5cm, which is narrower than usual. The angle of the front strap was also turned to sit more square to the length-axis of the board. These two tweaks combine to give a very snug fit to the front foot, allowing the rider to adjust pitch and roll more effectively as the board reaches top speed."

I would like to remind the starboard developing team and designers that many people have big feet...
In some countries like mine(which is the same as Svein Rasmussens) we also use 7 mm neoprene boots during Winter

It is very imprtant that also the wider options is obtained on future models.
If they are removed many of us wil not be able to use isonics and therefore not buy them...

Erik Loots
25th November 2010, 10:30 PM

I tried both the 2011 iS107 and speed special W54. On the 2011 speed specials you will find enough footstrap position possibilities.

The iS107 has only 3 positions, but can be sailed wider (just move the outer screw one forward). Please do try the normal setup, with the numbers on the new straps I go up to 7. I also have 6mm boots and big feet (european size 46 surfboots), also my feet are reasonable wide, it does work fine once the footstraps are used 1-2 times (stretched/settled). It always makes me wonder how it fits on my speed special W44 tail with a foot bigger than the one foot off, but it works some way ;)


mark h
26th November 2010, 05:04 AM
Same for me, like Erik Im UK12 and sail in the cold with 6mm boots:( I know that a few of the SB team have big feet too. But I can find a good setting. You should be able to find nice setting. If it gets to be a big problem, Dakine contours will help loads:)

26th November 2010, 08:52 AM

Before to go to the narrow option we try with Cyril who have huge feat of 47 and wide and was working really fine and the foot-straps are more soft and can be more open than before, so you should have no problems for this.

All the best

26th November 2010, 02:04 PM
That is great to hear!

I do think that the strap options on my kode 112 2010 is wide enough, but i do not like the straps because I cant set them big/high/wide enough when I use 7 mm boots. I changed to tabou straps(same as jp-straps) 2010 and they work very fine. Its nice to hear that the new straps for 2011 is possible to sett longer/wider/higher...

Thanks a lot for the answer, now I am really looking forward to try my new ultrasonic 147 in march!