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28th November 2010, 11:57 PM
Hi all, i need help choosing my next board. my quiver is:

Is 121 wc with 7,7 / 9
Is 101 08 with 6,7/ 7,7

i.m 86-87 kg, and i'm thinking of buy the new 127 for have more light wind range. i usually surf in chop condition (0,5-1 mt) and 10-18 kns gusty wind.(colico ,Como lake).
could the 127 2011 be a good choice or risk to be too large (85) in these contition?

thans, Cris

mark h
29th November 2010, 02:17 AM
Hi Chris

Are thinking of going with the 121 & 101, and the 127 as a third board, or do you mean either a 121 or 127 plus a 101?

Three boards makes the choice easier, but you can still get a great usable range from two boards if you choose the correct gap between boards.

127 and a 101 would give you a usefull range. The 127/9m and two good fins will see you from 10k to low 20k's easy. Then jump on to the 101/7.7/6.7 in solid 20k plus winds.

I would only say the 121 would be good if you were going for the 90, but as your getting the 101 its got to be a no.

Your a pretty big guy, but If your concerned about the 127 being to big, the 117 would be a good choice as well as it will be good with a 9m, and with a 2nd smaller fin the 7.7 will just about be very good as as well.

I guess at Como lake, the 6.7m is not used to much, more the 7.7 and 9m. This could mean that the new 117 would be king of the lake:)

Just my 2 cents:)

29th November 2010, 04:30 AM
Hi mark, thanks a lot for tips

the new 127 should repalce the 121, that actually use with 9/ 7,7 with 2 fin. the 121 with 7.7 in overpowered condition works very well, but often , in 9 gusty condition i have the impression that a larger board could be more efficient and give more speed; at the same time the 121 , when overpowered with 9 and hard chop is very phisical : my doub is that the 127 should be more critical on chop and if could be ride with 7,7 when the wind is strong but very gusty


30th November 2010, 02:03 PM
Hi Chris

In your case I will choose the 117 Wide for the 7.7 and 9.0, this size will work perfectly on it. The 127 will be 2 big and will work only with the 9.0 with this choppy and your definitely go for 117 W

All the best

mark h
30th November 2010, 04:46 PM
Oooophs, sorry I meant the 117 wide (not the 117) like Remi says.


30th November 2010, 06:49 PM
ok, i'll go for the 117 wide

thansk a lot, good wind