View Full Version : Which sail size to choose for Futura 111

30th November 2010, 08:08 PM

I like your opinion about the sail size to choose.

I can choose between the North RAM F10 6,3m2 + North RAM F10 7,0m2


the North RAM F11 6,3m2 + North RAM F11 7,8m2

I already have a RAM F10 9,0m2 for mine Futura 133 and now I am looking for a crossover for my Futura 111

My weight is around 95 kg and lenght is 1,95m

If I choose for the F10 6,3 and 7, I have to buy a new mast as well (the 7,0 needs a 4,60m)

Also I like to know which fin size you recoment (36-38 for the 6,3 ? and 40-42 for the 7 or 7,8)
I use a 48 C3 Venom for the 9,0

I like to hear about your sugestions.