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11th December 2010, 01:45 AM

At the moment i normally use a 144 isonic and 8.4 north ram F8 in light winds. it is great from about 10 - 15 knots on choppy sea conditions but any more than that and it becomes a bit of a handful. i thinking of changing down to a 2010 isonic 121 but i'm not sure how it will perform in about 11 knots?
i weigh about 80kg and am 6ft 3 and will be planning to race on the sea (slalom).
i was just hoping for a bit of advise.


11th December 2010, 02:26 AM

What wind range (typical conditions) will you want to use the 121?

At 11 knots, you may be able to pump it up on plane with an 8.4, but you will be right on the edge. If you stay on your 144 up to 15 knots, then I would guess you would want the 121 to work in 13 to 20 knots. Over 20 and you will be in for a bumpy ride.

Will you stay with the 8.4 on the 122 or do you have smaller sails? A 7.5 would be great in 15-20 knots.

The 144 is really made for sails larger than the 8.4 where the 121 works best with sails from 7.0 - 9.0.

I think the 122 will be a good fit, but if you are in winds in the 15 to 20+ knot range often, then the 111 or (2011 - 107) would be a better choice. I am guessing that the 122 may be your only option?

11th December 2010, 03:17 AM
thanks ken,
the typical conditions would be 11- 20 ish knots on small sea chop.
i do also have a 7.7 code red so change downs are no probem
i am thinking the 121 because i'm trying to find a board that will cover the typical conditions i sail in but when it gets over 20 knots i have a 111 carve which works nicely

thanks again

mark h
11th December 2010, 03:33 AM
Im a similar height to you, but Im about 100kg, so not the best comparision. I used to use my old iS144 with a 9m NS Warp/Select RS 51cm fin from 9k to 25k in warm winds (20k in cold winds). I found this one board/sail/fin combo had a massive range. But you could calm your board down loads by getting a second smaller fin. A fin designed for control instead raw power would help a lot and save slashing out on a new board. Something like a 47cm Select S10 would do the trick. What fins are you on now?

11th December 2010, 03:38 AM
at the moment i only use a drake r13 52cm so its not great
thanks for the advise

mark h
11th December 2010, 03:53 AM
The R13 52cm was ok as a stock fin, but too big when the sea or wind picks up. C3 Venom 50/52cm, Vector Cranefire 48cm and Select S10 47cm will give tons more control:)

11th December 2010, 03:56 AM
thanks mark
thats helped alot i might look into some fins in that case aswell


11th December 2010, 04:29 AM

It looks like the 121 will be a good call given your carve and smaller sail.

The custom fin idea is also a good call, they do make a difference. Same deal with the 121 if it comes with the stock drake fin(s), you will get better range and control with a quality fin. I use a Tetonics Tomcat 42 on my iS 111 and love it. The Drake fins that came with the board were not good.

Good luck with the 121.

11th December 2010, 05:33 AM
Hi Jack,

I'm using the IS122 (2008) from 12 knots. I'm 86 kg.
It handles perfectly a 9.5m2 sail. Without any problem.
When the wind picks up I also use a 8.4m2 (it's really the sweet spot for me) and even a 7.5m2.
Afterwards I'm on my IS101.
The IS122 is a great light wind board, but I need 12 knots with my weight.
Below this, I'm on my formula (recreational sailing, no competition).

11th December 2010, 10:36 AM
the iS144 is perfect in 10-15knts with 8,6 - 9,6 and a 48 to 50 fin (Nobody in competition uses a 52!! except more than 100kg). In your weight and 8,4 I would go down to a 46cm fin and you will be surprised how the combo character will change to :-))) !!!
iS121 perfect sails are 7,7 up to 8,6 and fins app 43cm-46cm. This combo is the next size down! We use this combo in competitions 15-25knts
BR pfaffi

11th December 2010, 02:48 PM
thanks everyone for all your addvise! i now have much more of an idea in what i need, so i hve some decisions to make.

thanks again

11th December 2010, 03:25 PM

if you can spend the money, probaby the new IS117Wide will be the best for you.
Its width of 80 is right in between the IS121 (75) and the IS144 (85) and it seems to be an incredible fast and controllable board, also in the upper range.
Especially with your weight, the only thing that counts is the width.