View Full Version : Carbon 210-260 or alurace 250-270 for 250 boomlength

11th December 2010, 01:34 PM
Because of the longer boom length on the overdrive 9.7 I have ordered I need a new boom.
Will a carbon boom like enigma 210-260 , or the chinook 195-260 be stiffer on 250 length than the alu race 250-270 on 250 length?
The price difference is massive..

Any advice?


11th December 2010, 01:49 PM
Hi Mop,

Yes the Carbon are the stiffer boom on the market but very expensive, the reason why we make the Alu Race who are much stiffer than any alloy boom in the market and very close to Carbon boom.

Right now this boom is on the market since 2 years with success and using until 11 on the Formula Experience rig who is an Overdrive 11.

So 9.7 with the Alu Race 250/270 will work perfectly and will give you a stiffness never see before on alu boom and save a lot of money.

All the best