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12th December 2010, 04:45 PM
Hello Ola,

After many attemps with my dealer (Chinook Leucate France), it's impossible to get a pair of 13 cm slot boxes to replace the FCS boxes of my 66 l quad 2010.
So what can I do ?
It seems that those slot boxes are very keep in secret haha.
But what happen in case of a slot box destruction after a windsurf crash ?
US box, mini tuttle box, fcs bow are available in nearly every shops so why not slot boxes ??

Many thanks in advance !

13th December 2010, 10:50 PM
This slot box was developed by Tabou, and my understanding neither Tabou or Starboard made a copyright, so anyone "can" make it or use it, comming on both Tabou & Starboard 2011 s .

your 2010 had FCS fins with something called a Surfinz box, probably made under license in Cobra, same as the FCS fins.

after the 2011 boards have been tested a bit more I may consider using the Slotbox, mini tuttle or mini _USbox seem a better option at this point in time.

not meaning to answer for Ola, but my 2cents worth nonetheless

these boxes "should" be available from someone, when .......??

13th December 2010, 11:57 PM
Formally speaking, they can be ordered from Cobra (who makes them themselves) via a Starboard dealer. But availability has not been that high, I hear. And my experience with national distributors tell me that it will not exactly be a stock item (though I think it would be a good idea to stock a few since they are not expensive).

I would try your local dealer and see if they can contact the distributor. You might be able to persuade them to ship them quickly (fedex?) if you're prepared to pay some extra.

I have two set's on order myself, but no sign of them yet. If you're desperate and nothing else works, I might sell you a set.

14th December 2010, 12:33 PM
Well, thanks a lot Ola but don't worry, I will wait, I am not so desesperate, the FCS boxes are fine for the moment after one year, it 's just to get the possibility to make my quad 66 2010 as an adaptable multi-fin board like my amazing quad 77 2011.

Thanks for all.

27th December 2010, 08:48 PM
Hello Ola,

I come back to you, last friday 24 december, I have lost one FCS fin of my quad 66 2010, and I think that the FCS box is too large now, I can't block correctly the FCS fins, they began to move in the box after 5 mn sailing.
I hadn't this problem on my 76 l quad 2010 and no problem at all with my new quad 77 thanks to the slot box.
My quad 66 2010 is still on warranty.
What can I do ?
I can't get any slot box to replace the FCS box.
I don't want to put 2 US box, it would be too heavy !

I have thought about transform the quad 66 in thruster by inserted only one central short US box instead of the 2 small FCS boxes, in fact this board was a single before no ?

Well, please help me.
What do you advice ?

Many thanks in advance

29th December 2010, 02:36 PM
Hi Frédéric

First, regarding a thruster conversion, it would not be my first choice. The shape was a single before and I know there are some people who liked their (convertible) quads run as thrusters, but the feeling is quite different so if you like the board as a quad, I think it is best to keep it a quad.

As for the fcs issue, if you have warranty left, let your shop have a look. If were in any case planning a slot box conversion, you might be able to strike some kind of deal with the shop. Otherwise, assuming the surfinz box is really broken, it can always be replaced with a regular fcs box (some of their models).

Something to try (in the mean time) is also to use a thin shim in the in the box (like a pice of aluminum from a beer can) and also to drip a bit of oil on the screw which will mean less friction and a better feel for the tightening.

30th December 2010, 01:38 AM
Thanks Ola for your advices.
I have insert some shims and it looks ok now.
I will see with my shop !