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20th December 2010, 05:26 PM
I just bought a new 10.7 RS racing Evo 3 and search for the compatible mast.I have a mast with bend characteristic 14.23 and Imcs 31.6.When riged it looks nice,also on water.Does someone know the mast bend characteristic of the new NP x9 530 mast,13-15 ?Someone measured it at home?The mast i have is sdm and i know that x9 have a bit smaler radius in the botom part.The cams rotate well also with my mast but i had to decrese baten tension to compensate the biger mast radius.Someone have experience with cam presure and rotation on sdm mast and formula sails.

22nd December 2010, 06:25 AM
Hi jojo,

Take a look at the Danish site of peterman: http://www.peterman.dk/masts-all-imcs01.htm

According to this site, the NP X9 530 mast should have a bend factor of 14.7 and an IMCS stiffness factor of 34.
So pretty close to your mast.

Reptile Green Mamba masts seem to have similar bend factors.

I use myself in the older and smaller (6.7m2) NP RS racing sail of 2007 a Tribord mast 460 which has also a similar bend factor as the NP X9 460. It works quite well. I've tried also a NP X6 and did not notice much difference.

Batten tension should be strong enough to support the sail body without too many wrinkles, that's all. So don't exaggerate with this tension.
The profile of the sail sleeve is maintained by the cambers.
Take a look also at this thread: http://www.star-board.com/forum/showthread.php?t=9855
This gentleman has worked out a nice improvement on sail rotation, I think.

Also bear in mind that ALL masts start with the same radius. Else the standard mast extenders would not fit. It's true of course that the radius of a X9 mast gets thinner upwards c/w most other masts.