View Full Version : @ Remi, Code Red R2 11.0 vs Overdrive

23rd January 2007, 04:17 PM
Hi Remi,

the last year i was on the Code Red 11.0. For 2007 I??m thinking about trying a lighter Sail, Code Red R2 in 10.0 or is the R2 realy easier to handle than the R1? Another choice could be the new overdrive?

Do you have any experience with this Combination

I`m 172 an 78 kg on a F161.

Best Regards Holger

PS: Something about the Slalom Sails in an other post.

23rd January 2007, 06:36 PM
Hi Holger,

If you would like the best performance on your F 161, go for the new Code Red 11m, this one cover the wind range of the 11 and 12 from last year. The new Code Red feels lighter than last year with a lot more performance and really easy.

By the way the new Overdrive 11m is better than the Code Red 11 from last year in really light wind.

All the best