View Full Version : iSonic 150 fins

6th January 2011, 09:58 PM

I'm going to order the last iSonic 150 2010 from stock :-). I very need your advice about fins. I'm rather heavy (110 kg, on spring I hope 100), 190 cm. I'm going to order 2 fins Select S11 Race. I intend to cover three slalom sails 7.8-8.2 (now I haven't any this size) and 9.5 + 10.7-11. Which size of fins would be the best? My prediction is couple 57 and 61 cm long.


P.S. I read fin size table for Ultrasonic 147 posted by Remi, but I think for may heavy weight and iSonic 150 sizes might be different... But actually I'm doubting between 150 & 147 and I can't decide: cheaper or a little faster...