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8th January 2011, 07:10 PM

I bought I quad 2011 82l at the end of last year and I surfed it already two times (before the big freeze was comming) in the belgium north sea conditions ( with a lot of current).

Till now I am still struggeling to find the right trimm of the board (I am 84kg and 1,84 m high)

It seems that the fins (quad 2x 13 and 2x10) in both possibilities big ones in front and in the rear were to small and I also was looking to find for my weight the right food strap and mast feed position...

I am used to surf serveral boards not only my own ones before (hireing stuff during holidays) and I never experienced such problems before, ...but never surfed a quad before ...

I know think to try the next time the two 15 cm fins with the 2 x 10 front fins (or maybe smaller ones - it seems that Tabou will have a fin range slot box from 8 to 17 cm), ... can this work?

Can somebody gives me a tip how to place the mast feed right (as recommamnded?) and what is the best position for the back and front foot straps...

It sounds probably that I never surfed before but believe me that is definetly not the case ...I am a experienced hobby surfer ...

regards and a happy 2011

13th January 2011, 07:05 PM

I have the quad 77 2011, they delivered it to me with 13 cm and 12 cm (not a 11cm) for quad set and 15 cm for twin set.
I am 1.75 m and 72kg
I have experimented the quad with the 2x15 cm in the front and the 2x13 cm in the rear position (the most rear position in the box) in light condition and it works perfectly !
I think that concerning your weight 84kg and that you are not used to sail with a quad, use the maxi size fin quiver a the beginning 2x15cm in the front and the 2x13 cm in the rear (and the most rear position in the box).
Put the mast in the middle and it would be ok.
Then after, if you think it's too grabby with all that fins, go down first with the 13cm etc.. You have so many possibilities, try all !
Hope it will help !

20th January 2011, 02:56 AM
Hi Frank, I also have the new Quad IQ 82 Liters.
It is curious to read your thread as I have totally the same problem. I am about your weight and your height. I have a massive problem to get to board planning. I fixed the straps both in forward position, small fins in the front, bigger fins in the backward position.
I used the board up to now in flat water and small to medium waves. Even powered up the board starts planning very slowly - and the upwind performance is poor. Some friends who have seen my "fight" told me that the board - even when planning - is dragging with the tail in the water and it looks like I would ride a "banana".
Just recently i made a direct comparison with my smaller 76 L Twin fin board and I was getting onto plan earlier than with the Quad IQ 82.
There might be 2 reasons for it. Either the fins are to small for the board at my weight, or there might be a manufactoring error and there is something wrong with the scoop/rockerline.
Ola do you have an idea what might be the reason. What is your suggestion?

Peter R
4th February 2011, 04:46 AM

I am strongly considering a Quad IQ 82, but it is of course worrying that some are experiencing troubles in finding the rigth trim with this board. Does anybody from the Starboard team have an idea on the solution for these guys? (I know Ola has left, but I guess you must have somebody with expertise on this)
Is the Quad 82 a scale-up form the smaller boards in this line? As far as I have understood from tests of the Quad 77, it should be quite easy to get these boards planing. Could the explanation be that it just takes some time get used to? Rocker curve problems? Fin mismatch?


Ray Timm
4th February 2011, 11:47 PM
I've been sailing the Q82 since this past summer both in fresh water in the Great Lakes and now in the Arabian Gulf. I weigh 82 kg. The board needs a bit more power than other comparable volume boards I've sailed, but overall, I find it relatively easy to get onto plane if the wind is fairly solid and you have a big enough sail on it. I've used it with every fin setup and actually like all of them even though most testers settle on the quad setup with the small fins in the front. Overall, it's wave capabilities totally overshadow the need for a bit more power to get it planning. I've always been partial to sub 80 liter boards for sails smaller than 5.0. In the case of the 82 I'm finding it handling really windy conditions better than my comparable 75-77 liter boards especially with the twin fin setup. In any fin configuration you try, it is important to apply sail pressure to the mast foot and not have a heavy back foot.

7th February 2011, 01:42 AM
I must agree with Ray, I sail Ola's IQ82 and do not find it at all difficult to get it planing. the fin size is could be an issue since it has smaller fins over all then other quads I sailed in the same size and for that last years starboard. But in general easier on the back foot and then...

Regarding the up wind ability I can only say it is fantastic. Thanks for a great board...

Peter R
8th February 2011, 07:05 PM
Thanks Ray and Peppem,
It is good to hear that you are happy with your Quad 82's.
I assume that it should be expected that the "bump and jump" performance should be a little lower on any quad, compared to single fins. It is, however, nice that it still performs relatively well compared to most quads. I plan to use it mostly in medium sized waves, but occasionally also in good size waves in sideshore conditions (doesnt happen so often in my home spots, but occasionally).