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19th January 2011, 06:00 AM
Hello Roger,

Figure I would throw this question at you 1st since you are very active on the Forum. We have ordered a few Rio's for our school and now see that they have changed the Rio line for 2011. Not what we were told. We will have to find out exactly what we are getting. With the volume, length & width changes also we noticed that they say the 2011 Rios have a deep tuttle finbox with 3 holes.What is this about and will a standard deep tuttle fin (2 holes) work in there? Thanks........

Ray Muller (tbayray)
from Thunder Bay, Canada

19th January 2011, 11:13 AM
Hi ray,
I see a 3rd hole, all right, but I do not know what it does, so I will ask Tiesda about this.
Did you already get your new Rio boards, or did you read about or see the 3 fin holes online
I'm pretty sure the extra hole in the photo may do something else.
In order for it to be called a "Tuttle finbox" (either std. or Deep) it would have to have the
same width and angles, so I'm pretty sure you can use a std.Tuttle fin without any issues
beyond the normal "making it fit right".

19th January 2011, 11:44 AM
The Rio boards that we ordered will be here for the spring to start off our season. We were told that they did not change their product line for 2011 but now have found out differant since the full product line was inrtroduced in December on the Starboard website. I questioned this when we put our order in last year as the product code was for 2010 boards. I will be talking to Ken or Declan in the next day or 2 to make sure that we will be getting the 2011 boards rather than the 2010 ones. As for where I found out about the 3 hole deep tuttle???? If you look on Starboards website, then go to products then click on the Rio's then scroll down to the specifications and look at the desription for any size. When you get to the FInbox row it says it is a deep tuttle 3 holes. That's where i seen it. Interesting to see what it is for. If the centre hole is threaded in the board, it can be used for a pushing bolt incase the fin gets jammed in the box. This is my idea, and if its worth something, I want it. L.O.L. Interesting to see what they say.


22nd January 2011, 07:06 AM
TBayRay asked the question on the "3 hole Tuttle fin" in the new 2011 Rio boards.
I checked with Tiesda You (Starboard Brand Manager and chief design engineer).
The 3 hole fin was requested by a large rental/school operation in Fuerteventura.
They must install and remove the fins every day from their rental boards so they
asked for a "single screw Tuttle fin" to cut the screwdriver operations in half.
Starboard responded with the "3 hole Tuttle fin" which can be installed with just
the center screw, but also can be installed conventionally with 2 screws.
The fit and angles of the Tuttle and Deep Tuttle fin boxes and the 31 and 41
cm cleaver fins that come with the Rio boards remains the same.
I have found that if you fit your fins correctly, so the sides of the Tuttle fin
root are a "push fit" into the fin box, and that front and rear tapers are really
fitted with max surface area contact, then the tapers and side fit will take
all the loading on the fin (even up to 70 cm formula fins) and the screws
(or in the case of the new 2011 Rio boards "the screw" singular) only serve
to draw the tapers into full engagement and prevent the fin from falling out
if you strike something in the water.
Hope this helps,