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20th January 2011, 12:41 PM
Hi there,
I am the proud owner of a 2010 111 Futura Wood Carbon as my light wind board! Can't wait to use it. Here are my questions. I weigh about 165 lbs and will sail it in moderate chop.

Here are my questions:
1- Is Severne Turbo 7.5 a good match for this board? I have used the NP Hellcat 7.7 before, it was such a light sail but I could feel that I needed more umph at both ends... If Turbo, any mast recommendations?

2- With the 7.5 sail, should I go for a 40 or 42 cm fin? I haven't used tuttle fins before. Any recommendations for the Futura? Would MFC Liquid Pro work?

3- I also have a 6.4 Maui Switch. I am planning to use the 38 cm Glide stock fin with that. Do you think that would be a good match for that size sail?

Thanks much in advance,

20th January 2011, 02:01 PM
Hi Hazim,

Are you sure you have a 2011 one, the board should be deliver with a Drake Venom 40?

Try first with the Venom :)

By the way the Turbo 7.5 will work perfectly on it with good power & top end speed. 460 Blue Line, Red Line or Enigma.

All the best

20th January 2011, 03:49 PM
Hi Hazim,

I have the 2011 F111 this one came with a 40 cm C3 Venom. I use a 7.0 North Ram on it.When the wind goes up I take a C3 Venom 36

I Have also a F133 2010 this one I use with 9.0 North RAM 48 and when the wind goes up I take a C3 Venom 44. This is really rockin.:D

hope this helps


21st January 2011, 07:57 AM
Thanks for the quick answers. I have the 2010 Futura which comes with the 38 fin if I'm not mistaken. Hence I'm wondering what length and kind fin would be ideal with the 7.5 Turbo. Thanks much again!

4th February 2011, 01:01 AM
i have a futura 111 - i think it's 2009.

i also weigh 165lbs, and sail the board in flat to moderate bump jump conditions

it came with a 38cm drake fin, which i use for lightish 6.5, and powered up 7.5

for light 7.5 conditions i am using a 44cm true ames (not sure exactly which model, but it's pretty vertical)

44 may sound a bit big, but because i can always switch down to the 38, even with the 7.5, it's actually ok.

my 7.5 is a severne gator - a bit heavy, and not so fast, but overall not a bad sail. the board could do well with a more performance-oriented 7.5. actually, i may get an 8.0, instead of the 7.5.

for me, the board is really too big for powered-up 6.5 - unless the water is very flat. i have a smaller fin for powered-up 6.5, but i forget what it is..., anyway, the board is still a bit big in those conditions.

except for the fact that the footstrap inserts are too close together (which is a real pain in the ass) , i like the board.