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24th January 2011, 02:18 PM
Hi there,
Tiesda asked me to post my question on the forum so here you go:

Hi Tiesda,

Can you enlighten me on the following ?

I'm looking at buying one of your new ISonics to get some early planning action here on Lake Geneva which is a nice place but not very generous in terms of wind speed and consistency. A typical day is a gusty and choppy 10-13 knots sometimes less sometimes more (more often less). I'm medium weight (currently 73 kgs) and size (180 cm), in pretty good shape and would rate my level as advanced. I have been considering your 131 of last year to go together with a 9.5-10 m2 free-race sail (e.g. North Ram) but read in your forum that this type of board was actually a mid-wind option for heavy sailors (90kg +) but that for guys my size it made no sense because we could never get the full potential out of it. Early planning is important but I also don't want to be limited in terms of performance, i.e. top end speed and control.
My next smaller board is a Tabou Manta 69 which is great (sorry...) and I would like to keep but is obviously limited in the lower range (I sail an 8.4 on it but it's not great honestly). Its ideal wind range is around and above 15knots with a 7.3 but below it's really sub-optimal.
So what do think would be a good match for an 8.4 - 9.5 (maybe 10) m2 sail range for a sailor my size and level ? Is that above comment on the 131 accurate and should I be looking for something leaner (such as your 117 Wide but that may be close to the Manta) or go for your 127/131 ?

Really appreciate your advice on this.

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24th January 2011, 02:38 PM
In 10-13 knots take the 127/131 even in your low weight.
I love my 117Wide but its not for "light" wind. The 9.6 Reflex is a bit to big, the 8.6 down to 7.6 is perfect. Maybe the new 9.2 will be perfect as biggest sail.
For 127/131 best combo is 8.4 up to 9.7
Dont forget, if you have 10-13knts wind speed your board speed is limited to app. 1.5 times wind speed and thats 15- 20knts. Fin size for 15-20knts speed is round 50cm!! and thats 127/131


25th January 2011, 09:00 AM

This is a tricky one, Lake is fresh water and wind most of the time are very gusty and light.

Is it to race or to enjoy light windsurfing at the max?

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25th January 2011, 03:26 PM
Hi Rémi,

That's right, conditions are often light, gusty (but it's a large lake so it's more consistent than on a small pond) and choppy and I'm looking for a board and sail combination that gets me going early. But I'm not looking for easy freeride cruising but for performance even in light conditions. Not strictly racing but rather flatwater blasting with friends. Formula is too extreme and limited so I'm looking at a large slalom board to complete my current range (59 and 69 wide) that can carry a big freerace sail (8.4 to 9.5, maybe 10 m2). My worry is that the "big" boards such as your 127/131 85cm wide boards may be too powerful for my weight/size and that I may never get the max performance out of them because I can't get enough weight on the fin to make it work properly. Hence my question whether for the above mentioned conditions and sail range I'd better look for an intermediate size such as your 117 Wide (80cm) board or if you think that I could handle the larger ones in the ideal wind range. As stated I sail slalom boards with freerace sails already and like their athletic sailing mode.

Hope this clarifies.

Thanks for your advice !

26th January 2011, 12:40 AM

I am about your size (78kg, 182cm) and have a 2010 isonic 121(75 wide). It handles a 9.0 nicely and starts planing with 9.0 around 12-15 knots. It probably wouldn't handle a 9.5 and especially 10 as much as it seems like you might want, but it definitely has lots of top end. Still quite comfortable with 6.7 and 36cm fin. So, if you want more top end and only a bit bigger than your manta 69, a 75cm isonic121 (or 2011 117) would be a good way to go. If you want just a bit more low end, the 80cm 117 wide should do it.

I have sailed other 85cm wide boards and find them limited on the top end...might as well go with a formula at that point unless you really need to optimize reaching speed in under 12knots of wind.

Hope this helps,

26th January 2011, 05:43 AM

The 117 Wide look like to be the best one for you and you can use it from 7 to 9.2 with very good performance. The 8.4 will be hard for your weight to control on the 127.

Now their is another option if you want to go to larger sails with the Ultra Sonic 147 who is more easy than iSonic and a lot more easy than Formula and multiply your time on the water :)

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28th January 2011, 02:35 PM
Thanks everybody for your valuable advice. Will go for the 117W and will let you know how it goes (weather permitting).

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31st January 2011, 02:09 PM
Hi Remi,
Now that I've ordered the 117 W I will need to equip with fins to cover the sail range, can you recommend the right size ?
Sails are North Ram 8.4 and 9.5. Sailing conditions are flatwater and choppy. The 8.4 to be used in fairly consistent light wind above the planning threshold so it ought to be versatile and allow for good speed and still work when the wind gets stronger. The 9.5 is intended to be used in gusty wind at the lower planning limit so low end power is important to get going. Navigation style to be sporty (no "freeride") and powerful but no racing so upwind capacity is rather secondary. It's all about the pleasure of a powerful and fast ride at the best angle and some fun races with friends.
Weight is 73 kgs and 180 tall.

Thanks for your advice,
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31st January 2011, 06:16 PM

R16 46 for The 9.5 & R16 43 for The 8.4, You should be perfect

Have fun

All the best