View Full Version : Putting an NP Excess 6.9 on a Kombat 97?

31st January 2007, 02:14 AM
I have a Kombat 97 inbound, can't wait until it arrives... first go with Starboard, I hope it will be a nice experience... anyway, recommended sailrange is 4.5-6.5, but I've heard people going with 6.7 without problems... but I was thinking if I could push it even more, by getting a NP Excess 6.9... am I way out of my mind, or is it "might work", or perhaps no problem at all...?

my weight is 75kg...

31st January 2007, 02:30 AM
...mainly riding B&J, and chop-blasting, starting to go for the waves... still not 100% convinced that the 97 was the right choice, 87 was also a strong candidate... current board is 115ltr...

31st January 2007, 04:34 AM
I'm close to your weight and I use a 6.9 of similar design to the NP excess on my Carve 99. I think you'll be ok on the Kombat.

31st January 2007, 07:36 AM
Can't say I've tried a 6.9 but my hunch is it's questionable. I generally find if you go too big a sail for the board, things can feel sluggish/bogged down. Put on the right board & you're ripping & things feel light & free.

Ideal for the Kombat is probably 5.0 to 6.0. I find a 6.5 works nice too, but smaller is better.

If you do try it, the fin size make need to be considered.

If it doesn't work out, you'll have a good sail size for your 115L.

31st January 2007, 03:34 PM
Well, maybe 6.9 is too big... Maybe a 6.7-ish Saber or Expression (don't remember the exact sizes they come in, but I think they are a bit smaller then the Excess) could work ok for both boards s the new one probably will be my only/biggest board (for a while at least...)

31st January 2007, 07:51 PM
why not??
as a heavier sailor at 90 kgs ive put all sorts of huge ass sails on small boards...
i dont have all the boards in the world to pick from.... or the windstregth i alwast need.

does it feel perfect ...no
does it get me going... Yes...

so is it worth it ie: go home or go sailing.


31st January 2007, 11:56 PM
I have a Kombat 97 inbound... but I was thinking if I could push it even more, by getting a NP Excess 6.9...

Having been accustomed with a 2001 Carve 111, stock freeride 32 cm fin or freestyle 25 cm fin with a 6.9 sail combo, I've tested a 2005 Kombat 95 with a NP Jet 6.9 (ancestor of current Excess 6.9) sail and either a freeride 31 cm fin or a wave onshore 23 cm fin. I didn't experienced any problem, mainly because the OFO width is about the same at 40 cm as that of the 2001 Carve 111.

Now, I'm using since 18 months a 2006 Kombat 86 with my Jet 6.9 sail, either with the stock 30 cm freeride fin or with a wave onshore 23 or 24 cm fin, all with great success and fun. For my 65 kg, the Kombat 86 felt much nicer and more lively under foot than the Kombat 95, surprisingly even with the 30 cm fin and 6.9 sail combo.

So with your 75 kg and Kombat 97, I can't see any reasons why it shouldn't be as nice and fun as it is for me with the Kombat 86...Go for it !

Cheers !


1st February 2007, 03:11 PM
I agree with JM, but its worth adding that how big sail you can put on a baord is not only a matter of "performance" but also depends on how much "imbalance" when just planing you're willing to live with and that your technique can compensate for.

In any case, on a given board, in the end you come to a point where more sail area will simply not let you plane any earlier. My GUESS is that a 6.7 will be at least as effective as a 6.9 on a Kombat 97 for most people. Sails charactersistics wil matter to btw. Lighter, flatter and "springier" will let you go further than loose leach, deep profile sails because you can be more effective with pumping in the crucial stage when just getting onto a plane.

2nd February 2007, 02:11 AM
Agree with Ola. A Saber will be more powerfull than an Excess than an Expression :


The Saber is more deeply drafted and has more foot area than either the Excess or Expression. Therefore, a Saber 6.7 might be as powerfull as a 6.9 Excess or a 6.9 Expression.

It also depends a lot on what program do you want to focus on (speed versus manoeuvrability) :

Cheers !


2nd February 2007, 02:34 AM
(sorry, the edit function doesn't work anymore to add further comments)

As for potential imbalance problems with the Kombat 86, I didn't experience any so far, providing the boom lenght is not greater than 204 cm (Jet 6.9) or 202 cm (RS1 6.6) with the freeride setup (mast-track 40-50%; all 4 straps back and outboard, stock 30 cm freeride fin set in the middle of its finbox as recommended). However, with the wave setup (mast-track 30-50%, all 3 straps front and inboard, wave onshore 23/24 cm fin set forward as recommended), I must acknowledge that pointing upwind with the Jet 6.9 sail is a bit less efficient than say with a smaller sail such as a NR 6.2. The Carve 111 still is far superior with the Jet 6.9 sail and a wave setup, even with a stock 2001 25 cm freestyle fin.

Cheers !


2nd February 2007, 12:42 PM
Hmmm, ok thanks for your info bros...

6.7-days is mostly happy freeriding in winds 12-20kts, with blasting and chop-jumping, and maybe some minor frestyle attempts. From what Ola says, is the Saber not the optimal model? What other sails could you recommend for this type of sailing?

9th February 2007, 12:11 AM
Hey guys,

anyone know how the Saber 6.7 works with the Kombat 97?

Saber classified as crossover sail, Kombat is a crossover board... Am I missing something???

10th February 2007, 03:42 AM

Sorry, don't have tried a Saber on my K86 yet, so can't comment. However, my slalom RS-1 6.6 is absolutely fine for blasting and B&J, no mismatch at all, so I guess a Saber should be fine too for what you want to do as described above.

The Saber, Excess and Expression are all crossover sails according to NP classification, but each with a distinct flavor/focus/subspeciality as follows :

- Saber : sail mainly designed for supercross : fast, locked-in feel, very powerful but manoeuvrable enough for doing the supecross figures.
- Expression : sail mainly designed for freestyle : soft feel, very flat and light in the hand for maximum handling during figures.
- Excess sail falls in between and is in my taste a perfect crossover sail with the Kombat, i.e., a good match for freeride, freewave and freestyle do-it-all sail.

So, I would say it depends on what freestyle figures do you want to attempts or have in mind in your final choice ? Tell us more about that...

Cheers !


12th February 2007, 02:05 AM
Of course I would like to do everything... but during 6.7 days I think that blasting and B&J is what is most appreciated. Still not neither wave- nor freestyle guru, but the goal is to get the basics of both disciplines going. My gutfeeling says that Expression might be too freestyle-oriented(?)... and the available size (6.7 vs 6.9) gives the Saber a pro over the Excess, regarding recommended sail sizes... still the X-ply solution is interesting, if it gives better duarbility (also over the years...)

12th February 2007, 02:33 PM
In my opinion, it makes little sense to push too much sail size for a given board. Usually one ends up loosing in balance what he achieved in power, and no earlier plaining is attained.
That said, IMvvvHO this issue is somewhat related to boom length. I remember a slalom board of mine that was simply perfect with a 6.0 and did not want to behave with a 6.5. When I changed sails, and got a 6.5 with a boom length similar to that of the older 6.0, then the board was really OK with that new sail. I guess boom length (not considering clew indented sails here) can be considered as a rough guide of how far back the center of pressure is related to mast foot position. If you second this, you will prefer the Excess over the Expression due to its shorter boom; X-Ply construction will be a nice plus.