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john speed
7th March 2011, 04:31 PM
Hello,I am new here
sorry for my bad english

I am doing some speedsurfing in Holland on some good speedspots
and are looking for a good lightwind speedboard with 6.7 (7.0)
starting around 13-14 knots, I am around the 78 kilo
have for more wind the W44, W49 and W53
but still miss a good ligtwind speedboard,do not want a board around 65/68 wide
do not want to pay to much money for it,it is just for light wind
so was thinking abouth the sonic 95 or sonic 100

had the sonic 100 a few years ago and liked it a lot in lightwind speed
but is the sonic 95 also a great board for lightwind speed like the sonic 100
It has 5 liter less but it is al little bit wider and also one food off a little bit wider

I have the select S07 elite for it

who can tell me something abouth the sonic 95
who has sailed them both,and can tell the difference for lightwind speed

john speed
7th March 2011, 04:34 PM
the fin length off the S07 is 35 cm

7th March 2011, 10:00 PM
hi john,
to be honest with you for light wind i would choose the 117 or even the 117 wide because then you would allow yourself to sail with a much bigger sail. however i am not you, maybe you prefer to use smaller, thinner boards as you are maybe used to them. this is what i would recommend.

john speed
7th March 2011, 10:30 PM
with 78 kilo and windsurfing on salt water,steady wind is sonic 95/100 a good choice for lightwind speed
I do not want an board over 62 cm wide
the sonic 100 did it 4 years ago realy good for me,even with 7.4
all I want to know if the sonic 95 is doing the same in lightwind as the sonic 100

mark h
7th March 2011, 10:48 PM
Hi John

The S95 and S100 are pretty similar, just slight differences. I had a S100 for a long time, sold it and bought a newer S95, went a bit slower (in light wind GPS mode), sold it and bought another S100 and went slightly faster again in light winds:) Im 100kg and it took an 8m easily for light wind GPS sailing.

For pure top speed on flat water, the S95 was a little slower than the S100 for sure. But in rough waters the S95 was easier to control, giving better speed.

The S95 & S85 were the high wind slalom boards, to gain control SB put more tuck on the rails, thinner nose, lowered mast track and slight kick in the tail. This all gave control in rough seas, but made it slower on flat waters with big sails which is why the S100 was a bit faster.

For light wind speed, your S07 35cm will be good. The S100, 7m and 8m was great for light wind GPS/Alpha's etc, I had lots of fun with this combo.

If you can choose either the S100 and S95, go with the S100. If not the S95 will still be great, only just very slightly slower on flat water.

john speed
7th March 2011, 11:19 PM
ok,thanks Mark
I will try to get a good sonic 100
for high wind I have the W53
so the sonic 95 is not the board for me