View Full Version : MFC fins in isonics

7th March 2011, 05:39 PM
Hi guys

I just sold ALL my slalom boards and am going to order soem new ones :-)

One of my last boards was a 2009 Is 111 that i ran MFC SL1 42 cm fin in- it was a sweet combo.

Does anyone have any experience of the RC 2 or SL2 fins in the Isonics from 2010 or 2011 that corerspomd closest to the 107 and 127 .

(jury is still out as to whether its worth ú1500 notes on a 90 as i didnt use the old 94 for a whole year !)


11th March 2011, 04:26 PM
maybe if no one knows i should get some RRd's instead ?????

12th March 2011, 04:35 AM
World Class comment, Unregistered :-)

Don┤t sail isonics - so no help from me.

12th March 2011, 07:47 PM
If they worked on the iS111, they should work on the iS107.

Erik Loots
12th March 2011, 08:24 PM
My fins for iSonic 111 also work for iSonic 107. Its not a completly different board, just some small changes for an even bigger range of top performance. Maybe an extra smaller fin beside 42cm would work for highwind.