View Full Version : Fin Fit Tip for Evo 83?

15th March 2011, 07:04 AM
I rarely use the stock fin for my Evo 83. One of the reasons I'm not crazy about it is that the base of the fin isn't flush with the deck of the board. It's recessed about 5mm in the box. I think having that space creates bubbles and drag that contribute to the tendency of the fin to lose grip and feel smaller than it is. Does anyone have tips on how to make a US box fin sit more flush with the deck of the board? Thanks.

15th March 2011, 09:10 AM
Hi James,
Does your "A" box Evo fin fit level in the fin box (i.e. the pin is at the correct height, but the screw pulls the front of the fin root down too deep (by 5mm)?
If this is the case, build up a small tab/section (perhaps 10-15 mm long x as wide as the fin root) close/adjacent to the fin screw on the top (the side that goes into your fin box) that's about 5-7 mm higher than the flat surface across the top of the fin.
Marine Tex or any thickened epoxy filler will work.
Once the epox filler cures, take a flat file and file off any excess until your fin fits perfectly flush with the bottom ot your board and the fin box.
If the pin is not positioned correctly, you can redrill the hole about 5 cm closer to the top of the fin root (so the fin now sits at the correct height on the pin end) and then use the built up tab (or put a tab on the pin end as well) to bring the fin root up flush with the fin box.
Many good aftermarket fins come with these "tabs" already on them so the fit both "A" boxes (a bit shallower) and "E" boxes ( a few cm deeper.
Hope this helps,

17th March 2011, 03:10 AM
Ahh, I'll check that and see. Thanks!