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8th February 2007, 07:46 PM
hi everybody. this year i bought for the first time an evo. i try the 70 xtr and i found it incredibly easy and at the same time radical as i look for.thanks starboard.
The sails in my quiver are 5.2 to 3.3. but i was in doubt for to bye the 75 lt. instead of mine because on summer i will need also of a 5.7-5.8. My homespot presents on shore condition and sometimes i can reach spots in Italy were the conditions are side shore and strong winds. i would read tests about my board but i haven' t found yet. Does someone have impressions or suggestion about evo xtr 70?
Bye Alberto

9th February 2007, 04:00 AM
Hi Alberto.

I'm a bit unsure about what you want to say in your message. Is it correct that you have bought an EVO 70 xtv and now want advice about this board, especially about using biggers sails on it (5.7-5.8)?

I would say that if you are light, say 65kg or something, you can get away with using sails as big as that. You need a bigger fins though and it will not be a perfect ride, expecially not when you are not planing.

I have not tested the EVO 70 xtv for max practical sail size yet, but I used to ride the old EVO 70 with a 5.7 and I'm 69 kilos.

In any case, if would be interestng to know your weight.

12th February 2007, 04:33 AM
Hi Ola H,
i am 83 kg!! I know the 70 is very small for me....in fact, the 5.7 will be used only for special days with good waves but light wind.
Thank you for your replay.

12th February 2007, 02:01 PM
OK, at 83 kilos I don't think you will be planing earlier on an EVO 70 with a 5.7 than you will with a 5.3. As you say, there can be instances when a 5.7 can still offer some benefits, but even in such conditions there wil be donwsides of such a big sail on a small board.

My suggestion would rather be to look into getting an extra powerful 5.3 sail which can be trimmed for lots of bottom en grunt and that also is good for pumping.

But if you allready have the 5.7 you should just give that sail a go on the 70 and see for yourself how you like it.