View Full Version : South Korea Windsurfing?

5th April 2011, 09:23 PM

I am planning on going to S. Korea (Seoul area) later this year. I understand there is a windsurfing venue on a river or nearby. Can anyone give me details. If fall a good time to go? Thanks in advance.


Chris Pressler
14th April 2011, 04:30 AM
Hi Randy,
would recommend you to fly to the South to Ulsan and check out Jinha beach, where the PWA Slalom takes place in May (a tourstop on the professional windsurfing circuit). Further south you can windsurf at Songjeong or Dadaepo Beach near Pusan.On the north eastern coast you could sail at Pohang Beach.
It should be great on Jeju island, where you can find spots all around the island. You can expect waves and remote sandy beaches. Next to Seoul I have never heard about any good spots.

Hope it helps,