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9th April 2011, 11:10 PM
On the 2011 Severne website the recommended mast for the Overdrive is the 75% carbon Blueline mast and the recommended mast for the Turbo is the 100% carbon Redline mast. Am I the only one that finds it strange that the more expensive upgraded sail would require a less expensive/responsive mast? Will the Turbo work with the Blueline mast?

The reason Iím asking is I need to replace is a 1999 Aerotech 8.5 VMG. Even though the sail had 5 cams it was easy to rig. Slide the mast through the cams, attach the boom, downhaul to desired setting, outhaul to desired setting and go sail. The sail didnít have a real deep forward draft so the cams rotated rather easily making the sail easy to use in transitions. The sail was tall-luff of 542-but with a very short boom of 222.

Although I race in the S.F. Bay and sail often at Sherman Island in the Delta this sail will not be used there. This sail is to be used recreationally at my local lake that is only 300 meters across at best. The wind usually averages 10-15 mph with sustained gusts in the low 20ís. Since it is a small lake the water is flat. I usually sail at this lake in the spring & winter on my way home from work so daylight is usually an issue making for a short sailing period. With a short sailing period and small lake I need a fast rigging easy transitioning sail.

My priorities would be in the order of 1) Easy to rig 2) Easy in transitions 3)Early planing 4) Range & 5) Speed.

The sails I am considering are the 8.5 Overdrive, 8.6 Turbo & 8.5 Sailworks Retro and the sail will be ordered online with the mast. My local shop doesnít carry Severne or Sailworks and even if it did the largest sail they stock is 6.5 because it is so windy in the Delta. To buy larger sails from my local shop I would have to order them anyway.

It would appear from the Severne website that the Turbo would be the better choice but do I really need to buy it with the Redline mast or will it work with the Blueline mast?



10th April 2011, 04:26 AM
Hi Coach

The Overdrive recommend mast is the Blue Line for 2 simple reason who come from the Formula Experience Class & the fact the sail works really well with it. But if you want to up grade your Overdrive Red Line mast or even Enigma will give you better results but more expensive.
The Turbo will work also well on a Blue Line and make your rig even less expensive.
As soon your are not going for full racing you don't need to invest on 100% Carbon mast and you will enjoy Overdrive or Turbo.
Hope this help
Ps : Formula Experience Class is a inexpensive racing class reason why the class limit to Blue Line Mast and also more durable.
All the best

10th April 2011, 09:56 PM
Thanks Remi. I was leaning towards the Turbo but couldn't justify the Redline mast for recreational BAF sailing on a small lake. Never far enough from my launch point to justify the extra range and performance of a Redline to get me home safely.

Thanks again,