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10th April 2011, 12:35 AM
First time on the water! After all these months waiting.
Astonishing, I coudn't believe to run that way with what? 4-5 knots???
The sensation is so similar to planning that I started pushing with my heels to turn upwind, but I turned on the other side (it's logical anyway).
Immediate great feeling with lower wind, something to learn wen wind sligtly picked up in the evening, as I feel the board ask to be railed up, but I've to understand the way to do it, now board turns upwind trying to do it; but I have to say that here, because of shallow waters, I had and I'll always have to use seaweed fins here, now 40/56.
Sometimes you think you're not travelling faster than your wideboard, then you look around and realize that there is less than half the wind for planing with it!!!!
The technical character of the board is not a limitation, is an even more pleasure riding it, as easy board usually mean boring board, I had this feeling testing some wide freeride in the past. But it doesn't mean absolutely a difficult board, and I'm 90 kg and 43...
First impression: a must-have-board, no matter for the lenght!
More impressions from next sailing days.

P.s. I've taken some few photos with an old cellphone, next time I'll do better with a waterproof camera.



11th April 2011, 05:34 PM
Second day, same place, about 2 miles south-east of Venice Airport.
Wind south-southeast, 5-7 knots but with some gusts up to 10 or more.
So I decided to carry on the boat also another "normal" board, a famous wide freeride of about 2003-2004, not a Starboard, wide but still with some lenght, 270, light carbon version.
So when I've started seeing the wind increasing a little I switched from Serenity to the wide board, to have a comparative test. Wind unfortunately was not enough for planing even pumping a lot in the few decent gusts.
Result: difference in speed, handling, enjoying was simply DEVASTATING!!!!!
Under planing threshold being over a classic wide freeride after sailing the Serenity is like stepping out from a sport car and starting driving a Trabant!!! Not to say about the upwind performance, reaching my boat anchored upwind was easy with Serenity, very difficult with the wideboard.
I really have to say that the lenght of the Serenity it's a FALSE problem, on the water it seems a lot more lively than a board being not far from half long.
The result is that for first time in years I've done two windsurf sessions in 4 days, but I could have done REAL and EXCITING sport windsurf almost everyday!
Up to know this is the first board I can strongly suggest to every windsurfer not so lucky to live in a very windy place! For us the Serenity changes the sport from "a talk a lot-do a little" sport to a sport you can make almost when you want!

11th April 2011, 11:25 PM
Ciao Nakaniko, what size sail, and sail type, are you using?

12th April 2011, 03:14 AM
Hot Sails Maui Stealth 8,5 of 1999, still going strong. For those who don't remember it, it's a 7 batten no cam freerace sail, actually changed in Speed Demon. Mast Tribord (Decathlon) 490/30 100% carbon.

12th April 2011, 04:06 AM
Hot Sails Maui Stealth 8,5 of 1999, still going strong. For those who don't remember it, it's a 7 batten no cam freerace sail, actually changed in Speed Demon. Mast Tribord (Decathlon) 490/30 100% carbon.
Wee! I remember the Stealths! Nice to know that a "soft" 8.5 i all you need to have ton of fun in no wind.

PS I used to have a 5.5. and 6.5 Stealth (I sail in San Francisco) that eventually gave up after a number of years. Great sails, I am using Hot Sails GPS right now ... still great ones.

12th April 2011, 07:43 AM
Hi Nakaniko,

This is video I make with the Prototype of this board some years ago with Oregon camera.

This board for me also it's just amassing and test it in light wind already against many boards under 10 knots and the results was fantastic for the Serenity :)


Enjoy light wind windsurfing

All the best

13th April 2011, 02:56 AM
Thanks Remi. I must confess you that your video and all the videos of Serenity are in my collection since months... Soon some real photos of Serenity riding in the lagoon, already taken last sunday by my girlfriend

13th April 2011, 05:13 PM
Here there are some photos.

Some speed

Turning downwind pushing with the heels, Burano island on the background

Running in front of the ancient island of S. Giacomo

Serenity.. planes! Look behind on the left the.. planes!

Coming back upwind to the boat

15th April 2011, 03:46 AM
Something about the fins. Spot is with water from shallow to super shallow, so since the first moment I've used my two tuttle seaweed fins, a progressive raked Tzone 40-56 (40 cm deep) and a special Select Delta Weed XXL, "pan" shaped to get the most surface to low depht ratio, pheraphs more than 50 degrees raked.
Feeling was so good with Serenity board that I could not find something better or worster in one of the two fins about pure performance; only time will tell, with a longer time surfing on my sailing gondola.
The only obvious difference is that the minor rake on the tip area of the Tzone and the 40 cm depht caused sometime obvious scratching on the muddy-sandy seabed. When I switched to the ultraraked funny Select, 27,5 deep (!) even if made for 8,5-10 sqm sails, sailing became so funny because some time seemed to be an hovercraft running on a thin layer of water...
Also in this the Serenity gives some advantages, as reaching the shallowest water areas is very progressive; the day after planing with the widebody freeride was very critical as when I've "braked" touching the seabed and so stopping, then I have had to walk back a long before finding enouugh room for the (seaweed) fin.
Not to say that I've already fitted my board with a homemade hard rubber washer under the front (not original) screw of the fin, to avoid stress to the finbox when sctatching the ground (and so the two tuttle screws are similar in lenght and interchangeable), that both the screws have reduced diameter sections for breackage in case of hard impact, and are silycon coated to reduce wear of board holes and to always stay in place even with the board stored upside down and without the box cap...

22nd April 2011, 05:14 PM
Glad to see you're in love with your Serenity. Now, it's your turn to shoot and post some videos to share your fun...!

Have you tried yet the 2 original fins, i.e., the large upright 70 cm and the shallow 40 cm ? How do they compare with regard to your 2 seeweed fins ?

Cheers & ride on !


22nd April 2011, 08:14 PM
Has Starboard, with the help of modern day board technology and development, created in essence a better, more sophisticated version of the old sailboards with the serenity?

23rd April 2011, 03:27 AM
About fins: not yet, I wait for a chance to try the Serenity outside the Lagoon into the sea. especially about the Drake 70. Inside the lagoon I should choose some deep water spot, but this don't match easily with places were I do my rigging standing in shallow water. My traditional venetian boat (sampierota or sampierotta) has small engine and is slow, so long time to reach the sea, even if the small engine is allowed by law to go everyvwere in the lagoon.
Abou the plastic 40, I don't think I can get more performance than a G10 weed 40/56, but I'll try in the future. In my limited experience narrow boards show less loss of performance using seaweed fins than wider ones (in fact I have more problems about planing with a PB Fanatic 34/48 over my actual widebody freeride than my old Mistral Echo 298).
For videos: I've already (home-)made a tripod-screw-to-m8 converter to fix my new waterproof Rollei X8 camera at front the end of the mast track, but then i've found that the audio of camera was broken, and I've given back the camera to the shop :( - So please wait some more time.
NiccolÚ, using two times the Serenity doesn't allow me to fully judge it, but as far as I can see now, the Serenity is not a simple improvement, is a radical choice that can open windsurf again to a lot of people. Don't have fear about its lenght, let's remember that our fathers loved original windsurfing even if with 4,5 mt long and slow boards with 25 or more kg of weight, one-piece mast, one piece booms.
But now sportsmen want performance devices, and imho Serenity is one of the few still portable devices that can give a real performance in wind lower (oh yes) than the minimum for kiting, the sport that has been stealing much appeal from windsurfing in these days between young people... An also: SUP has a greater and greater appeal even if requires long and wide boards to carry, this because is a sport you can do everywhere, so why not believe in a board that can allow to do windsurfing almost everywhere in the most easy to find sea conditions, with only one mast and one sail?

my endangered spot



3rd May 2011, 03:07 AM
Lowest wind day up to now with the Serenity, last Sunday.
I wanted to try to ride almost the impossible, portable windmeter at its best showed 3-4 knots, but wind was even slowly decresing if possible to 2-3. Some gust sometime. When rigging this time I was feeling a little mad, neither in the most unlucky august days I tried to rig with the wind you can only feel moving the face on one side...
In my opinion Serenity does have a lower wind limit, because the board is so gliding that you dare to use it even with unreal situations, but in these times board becames really technical, is very easy to fall when some gust arrives, or when you find a real total hole of wind. But even slowly but Serenity incredibly still goes on, and a little gust became a sudden acceleration.
Totally different is the way of riding when a wave comes at 45' degrees from stern or bow, from our nasty water traffic jam, the poorest the wind the more the long board reacts taking his own direction. So different, so facinating.
Boys.... In the first time since years thanks to the Serenity april ended up with 7 days on the water, not far than 2 days a week, when in all 2010 season I had 13 windsurfing days. So I've happily given up to go in the gym for fitness and then I've saved 60-70 euro (80-90 usd) each month. I've scored the best april in my windsurfing life, with 4 planing days and 3 Serenity-days, and except from the last one they were all full of action. I've saved a lot of stress compared to last years, when loosing a good wind days in Venice used to gave me a very bad feeling, thinking at how less they are in a season. Now I feel I have a lot more opporunities.
If storing and/or carrying a long fascinating sailing gondola is not a big problem for you, don't think twice, go for it....

P.S.: imho don't think that K15 sup could be the same. never tried it but imho is more easy to "sup" a narrow Serenity in mirror glassy water (I'll try), than have a real performing windsurfing on a K15...

16th May 2011, 12:07 AM
Agree you need a minimum wind speed just to steer and start the Serenity. Once going in motion with 2 knots of wind, no problems to glide on mirror-like water. In gusty wind conditions, I've found out it's better to lower the boom so you can stay hooked in all the time and get a better balance.

If you like outdoor work out on your Serenity, try her in no winds by slow and ample pumping of the sail. This is tricky because you need a bit of hull banking to keep her on track straight forward while the center of effort of your sail is moving upon each sail pumping.

As for supping the Serenity, this is doable but the round-bottomed hull is very unstable and tippy as compared to a dedicated racing flat-bottomed SUP hull. Never tried the K15 yet, sorry.



17th May 2011, 01:05 AM
Thanks for suggestions, I'll keep them in my mind and apply soon.
I'll was impressed by the suping of Serenity here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6skGtOXKKGk so nice-
On the opposite, I was thinking this about upper wind situations.
For venetian boats, that are long and narrow, when someone wants them to
plane with a big engine, used to add some "flaps on the side of the stern.
So, seeing my photos in the most windy situation, with bow up and stern
down, I was wondering if a "semifoil" flat fin like the example in the photo could
work in these situations to change the Serenity from a semiplaning board in
a fully planning one, keeping up the stern, , but still with
all the opportunities in lower winds given by the narrow tail shape...
(also much smaller than the example)
I don't know what was their purpouse, but I've seen some old fins with horizontal flat elements, so they could be a starting point...
Sorry if idea seems too mad, meanwhile I'm recovering from c6-c7 spinal problems so I keep on wondering...

22nd May 2011, 10:59 PM
Another lonely session yesterday, when a lot of boats were nasty running and devastating our nice "barenas".
Rigged when there were no more than 3 knots, but Serenity moved so promptly uphauling that I hit the left side of the stern of the boat; no damages luckly thanks to sportech construction, It was the correct choice.
First runs at a good quiet speed, with 9,5, that is heavier than 8,5 (HSM Stealths) and less easy to handle on Serenity,bad, but pushes more down the nose of the board, good.
When wind started to slightly "refresh" in the evening to some 6-7 knots, like on every sea town, I've made a run on the shallow water to reach S. Francis of the Desert (S. Francesco del Deserto) island, alone, speeding up, only birds flying around. Not to say that with the Serenity you can decide to go almost everywhere you want, as it (she?) can go upwind in a way that planing boards only dream. And believe me the sensation is not far from planing- Me, alone, no f*%&ing motor boats running, none of the humans devastating my beloved and heavily dangered lagoon. One of the best windsurf run of the season.
It seems to me impossible that a so different and superior lightwind board isn't the most talked about around! Sorry to see me updating more and more this post but this board is so exciting...

8th June 2011, 08:09 PM
A question for expert/instructors.
I've seen that using about the same sail but in larger size, I.e. switching to HSM Stealth 8,5 from 1999 to HSM Stealth 9,5 from 2003, the Serenity is more balanced in the nose, I mean the nose is kept more down especially when wind is increasing; and this in the same mast track position.
Why this? I thought that the bigger the sail the more back the centre of push (don't now the name).
So my suspect is that this incredible and so different board with lower winds loves better little smaller sails, as you can handle better and board stay balanced, the more the wind the BIGGER the sail is better (obviopusly up to his natural limit of 10-12 knots)....

19th August 2011, 05:40 PM
And it works good also as a sup (flatwater); note that I'm 90 kg and sup absolute beginner.
Too bad Starboard won't produce it anymore in 2012...

20th August 2011, 02:16 PM
Incredible board !!

I just had mine last month after 9 months waiting but it definitely worth it !

I used to sail on old div2 open longboard from the early 80's and the serenity is a true evolution of this class.

The shape, design, and measurements are really unique in the history of windsurf.

Thanks to Starboard, you made my dream come true at last :)

Under 12 knots this board is faster than anything else on water due to its great hydrodynamic.

Check out "KILLERGABAS" videos on the tube (can't post the link until 5 posts...), to see me on first trying mine.

Such an underated board !

20th August 2011, 10:14 PM
I can only agree with you, and I'm happy to hear this form a former Div 2 rider, as someone told me that the old Div 2 were much faster, even for a post 1996 windsurfer like me is hard to believe there's something faster than Serenity in lightwind. And I've read also about the various problem of the div2 construction.
People has somehow fear of a radical choice for Serenity (board). It's obvious that Serenity is a board that you have to take out from the water when water is rough and wind is more than 12 knots. But I keep on asking myself why a lot of people living like me in poor windy places buy a 77 liters wave board for using it in not more than 5 times a year, instead of a real-world board like the serenity that you can use and have real emotional riding for imho 30 times or more every year. Even if my friends were astonished and doubtful, I realized this and bought the Serenity after almost 10 years after my last new board.
Problem is that there is no more advertising about this board since a lot, the arrival of windsurfable SUPs moved away the Starboard marketing direction, the fact of putting Serenity and K15 side by side on the catalogue was seen by me as a clear sentence of death for the serenity project, and in 2012 it seems that Serenity will be out of production.
I can understand that a Phantom has more versatility, especially the 2012 new shapes, but I still believe that versatility always means having two possibilities but losing the best aspects of both. So imho f.e. itís way better to have a freestylewave board loosing something in the few waveriding days than losing the uncomparable sensations that a Serenity board can give in lightwind. And as far as Iíve tried, a planning longboard with centerboard has for sure more versatylity, but up to 5-6 knots riding is far less interesting and emotional than on a Serenity, only in the upper part of lightwind range (1-10) it becomes amazing (compared to my Mistral Ventura 343 2009).
Iím only sorry that for unlucky circumstances I wasnít able to make videos tu support Serenity Windsurfing on the web an then Ė perhaps create around some interest, some selling of Serenity. A Serenity movement.
Seeing some strange sales on ebay.de of new Serenity boards clearly told me that in the end wasnít easy to sell sucha long gondola for around 2.000 euro...

P-S- there is a little mistake in the titles of your videos, is Sernty instead Serenity, I suggest you to correct and add full name, Serenity Windsurfing, so serches can find them easily without mixing with various videos about sense of serenity

21st August 2011, 04:51 AM
Hi All

New concept for light winds who is more faster and more stable ;) : http://vimeo.com/27572165

All the best

21st August 2011, 09:47 PM
So nice!!!
I'm without words.
At the first moment, then...
This comes after the (too) big Serenity Catamaran, seen in the cataloque but never put on production, the cute smaller Super Cat, never seen or talked about on SB website but "revealed" on few magazines, and the this interesting Racing Serenity Cat, the first with two asymmetric hulls, shorter than original Serenity as it can be seen from video (and from the speed you have to tack it...)
I don't know if it will be set on production, I would have bee a lot courious to try and or test it. But I'm asking myself if someone would consider to buy a board like this, more "complicated" than the simple Serenity, assuming the price would be higher than the Serenity itself. But ifor sure it is a total new and interesting challenge to other racing boards that are now (re)appearing on the market.
About stability, in my experience Serenity has not so much problems of stability, I mean compared to other performing boards. Hey it's an advanced windsurf! And like all advenced boards it needs some skill, but this is what I call an emotional board.
Anyway: some specs and impressions of the Serenity Racing Cat? Fixed or adjustable width (like on never-seen- Super Cat)? Detachable hulls for carrying? Why asymmetric hulls instead of symmetric like on both the previous pojects? What difference of price can be supposed compared to a Serenity (I mean for more or less constuction costs)?
Yes, I admit that the reduced lenght and the more speed you've told let me imagin the faces of other windsurfers when crossing my lake with a Racing Serenity Cat on a poor wind day when all are almost stopped with their freestyle and slalom boards...

22nd August 2011, 10:57 AM
Hi Nakaniko,

This is a Concept and will be probably never in production for cost problems, basically is on Serenity cut in the middle for 2 reason (try to make as less expensive as possible but also if you have 2 symmetric hulls you can't have the hulls so close due to the waves they will make between the 2 hulls and make slower than the Serenity) so the length is exactly the same. And yes it's possible to reduce the width, you can play on 10cm.
The reason that it's tacking very well is because the center fin is more in front and is narrow than the wide production Serenity fin.
I am still working on it to have it in cheap construction and in 5 pieces, so easy to transport.
About the stability the Serenity is ok under 10 knots but you need already a good skill but here you can use it with Fun until 20 knots even down wind and still stable!!! I didn't have my Go Pro HD at this time but will post another one as soon I can do it.
All the best

22nd August 2011, 03:40 PM
A lot of interesting things form the news you are telling me (-us all).

...This is a Concept and will be probably never in production for cost problems, basically is on Serenity cut in the middle for 2 reason (try to make as less expensive as possible....

I was supposing it, but if you are trying to make it less expensive as possible so there should be a reason like some hope of a final production...

Hi Nakaniko, I am still working on it to have it in cheap construction and in 5 pieces, so easy to transport.

Hehehe another evidence of what I've just told. And yes, the biggest issue of the original Serenity is imho transportation, 460+ cm cars are not so common here in Europe and rules for carrying it over the roof of shorter cars are heavy in Italy (better in Germany).

The reason that it's tacking very well is because the center fin is more in front and is narrow than the wide production Serenity fin.

Basically what I was meaning is thet it seems you have to be a lot quicker in tacking, I suppose due to low volume in the bow(s). And yes the ONLY fin can be seen in one jibe, so where is the finbox? In the middle bridge that connects the two hulls? Tooooo courious...

About the stability the Serenity is ok under 10 knots but you need already a good skill but here you can use it with Fun until 20 knots even down wind and still stable!!! I didn't have my Go Pro HD at this time but will post another one as soon I can do it.

Wow, I can't imagine downwind at 20 knots! And strapless... Even if some temptations to fit a straps using the screws of the carrying handle and the ones of the daggerfin... Useless up to 10 knots but near 20... I can't wait to see the flying gondola sessions!
But I'll never have the courage to dare this on my own, I'me pretty sure I would damage my beloved Serenity as I do almost every season with the nose of my cheap Scores.

Ok, stop, back to work with the 5% of my brain that doesn't think at windsurfing.:D

23rd August 2011, 04:02 AM
Serenity in Moscow and surfcar for the wery lo-o-o-ng board.

24th August 2011, 04:56 AM
Hehehe as usual Serenity flies when other windsurfer cries.
Good for carrying, imho the best a van with long roof, Here in Italy we have as usual heavy law rules for carrying items longer than the car.
If you find a young Moscow rider named Yuri Sharov give him pleasemy best salutes, I've surfed with him a pair of times in Italy

12th June 2012, 05:44 PM
Hi All

New concept for light winds who is more faster and more stable ;)
All the best

Very good and interesting!! Surfing (or is it more sailing?) my serenity since 2009 and enjoying it everytime again - I would love to see new concepts in this area. Honestly the serenity is my most used board (although I am addicted to freestyle) due to the lack of wind when not working ;-)...so, the fun factor of the concept is mostly underestimated...so I would be a potential customer of such a serenity racing cat...otherwise please send me the most important hints for building it myself ;-)

nakaniko ungistered
15th June 2012, 09:08 PM
Sorry to tell you that Serenity is out of production and so it seems for all the projects around it, like the catamaran
Trhe battle field about lightwind now is between Phantoms Race and Exocet D2. All boards much more pricy than the Serenity

17th June 2012, 10:31 PM
...is this true?? This would be a very bad news for such a great board ;-(

19th June 2012, 11:57 AM
The Serenity is a specialized board for the ultra-light wind segment, as shown below :



source : http://jimbodouglass.blogspot.ch/2008/08/types-of-windsurf-racing.html

She's still the queen in that segment, so she will be missed for sure :(

Cheers !


19th June 2012, 04:20 PM
in my opion it is just a lack of promotion and availability to test...in most of the regions where the `normal` windsurfer live & work the Queen (Serenity) would be the board to be on the water after work every day...ok - one obstacle is the handling but if I look at the SUP hype the handling for such a board is not easier and the boards sells like candies...

my recommendation: keep the serenity in the programm it brings back the fascination of windsurfing in light wind

Unregistered nakaniko
20th June 2012, 10:56 AM
For sure ther was not the expected boom of windsurf longboarding, and Starboard has made a choice, something more useful for all kind of winds from subplaning to plaining, and less technical than the Serenity. But imho we loose the best emotions in real life breezes.
But I fully agree that sups has revealed that dimension is not the problem.
Anyway last saturday, having some hours free I've gone in my usual lagoon spot with ONLY the Queen (right name!) and my old camless HSM Stealth 9,5. Hot and sunny, it was clear that no wind but the low thermal SE was coming.
BUT the Queen of Serenity and Emotion has given another time a great time on the water!!!
Wind waving about 5-8 knots, riding was so exciting even in shallow waters! You feel the LIGHTNESS and speed, instead the weight and minor speed felt on other longboards!
For sure I could change al my other boards but I would NEVER sell the Serenity!

21st June 2012, 08:47 AM
Good to here that this excitement is not unique to me - although I love strong winds ;-)
But do me a favour and let me know where to start Serenitying in the Lagune of Venezia. I have very good friends there where we stay and last time I decided to come with my Serenity to explore the waters around Venice...but I do not know if its allowed and where I am able to windsurf without problems (except Lido of course)
Many thanks for hints...now I am going on the water whithout checking any wind previews - what a luxury ;-)

nakaniko unreg.
21st June 2012, 09:44 AM
I also love even strong winds, in the rare time when Bora (NE) blows I'm ready with my shortboards.
About my lagoon, the windsurf SHOULD be allowed outside the channels. I say should because as usual in Italy we have tons of rules and laws, and thousand of people trying to do the opposite...
That's a good reason (also because of hot temperature) why last three summers I went to Denmark to have windsurf in a free and cooler country.
The main rule says that in the shallow waters outside of the channel you can do windsurfing as I commonly do many times, and in the opposite it is forbidden in all the channels, even if I must confess that sometime I also quickly cross the channels, depending on the wind..
So you have a lot of nice and sometime stil almost wid zones, especially in the northeast side of Venice, but also in the middle-south, the only thing is that is better to stay far from Venice and his port.
The only problem could be the accessibility, as told I carry the Queen over my traditional boat and go far from Venice. So if your friends live in Venice watertown they should do the same with a not too wide boat (wide boats are not allowed to go in the muddy "barene"). If your friends live in the outskirts and mainland (Mestre) you could consider to reach the edges of the lagoon with the car, but keep in mind that also the rules for carrying a long thing like the Queen over the roof are here not easy like in Usa, so a car long or not much shorter than the 460 cm of the Serenity is better.
Last things, a raked seaweed dagger-fin is necessary, and for longer trips a sup paddle to carry over the deck it's a good idea.

21st June 2012, 12:45 PM
wow - respect with all this obstacles for your passion...but for me it seems not worth to carry my serenity with me to venice...I better enjoy the rest of the year here in northern germany and stay absence when in Venice ;-)
Many thanks

nakaniko unreg.
21st June 2012, 01:03 PM
No, at the end is not so difficult if you accept the fact that Venice is a totally different town so you cannot easily carry in and out every kind of stuff, and obviously then inside the town you can only go around walking or with a boat. For me is all this is a normal thing, I can understand that living this way is somewhat crazy for the rest of the world.
So it depends from where your friends live. And in any case some parts of the lagoon are still untouched.
South lagoon should be more (even too much) deep, but obvioulsy the big 70 cm fin is not the best choice, at least on has to carry a seaweed inside a backpack.