View Full Version : EVA-deck on Starsurfer S: Can it be removed?

21st April 2011, 02:13 AM
I bought a used Starboard Starsurfer S (117 litres) a couple of years ago. Just as advertised by Starboard, my plan was to let my kids learn on this board using the centre fin, while I would use it as my smaller board (my other board is a Tabou Rocket 140).

It turned out that the Starsurfer S simply doesn't work for kids unless the sail is at least 3.5 sqm or so, much more than my kid's rig (details on why in another thread on this forum, Staboard are apparently aware of this).

Having lost the point I bought the board for, I figured I would just use it for myself, and get a bigger kid-friendly board to replace my Tabou instead.

With the kids off the Starsurfer, I don't need the full EVA deck. I figure it's just extra weight for an already heavy board. It's also very heavily worn and sunbleached (previous owner).

Does anyone know if there's a way to completely remove the EVA deck and just go with some sort of non-slip instead?

Thanks from Sweden!

21st April 2011, 08:15 AM
Hi Jörgen,
There is no easy way to remove the EVA deck from any board.
You can try warming the EVA up with a hair dryer and see if the glue that holds it to the
skin of the board softens any, but even if most of it comes off, you will have to find a solvent
that will "cut" the residual EVA glue without damaging the Epoxy skin of your board.
Then you can get one of the commercial "ReDeck" products, or get some "foam dust" and
sprinkle it on a coating of thinned epoxy resin.
And, you will no doubt end up painting the top of your board, so some of the weight you remove
will go right back on in paint and non-skid.
Hope this helps,

21st April 2011, 02:34 PM
Roger, thank you very much for the quick and thorough reply! Always impressed by this forum even when just lurking.

Judging from the details of your reply it certainly sounds like it just isn't worth the effort. I guess I'll just stick with the EVA, ignore the cosmetic blemishes and focus on enjoying the soft deck then ;)

Thanks again for your help!