View Full Version : Fins for 101 iSonic and NS Warp

27th April 2011, 03:49 AM

I just got my 2010 iSonic 101l, WoodCarbon. I will be using 2009 North Sails Warp 6.3, 7.0 und 8.0. I got 84 kg. My intention is competing with friends and especially going fast.

Which fin size and which fin would be the right choice for this board and the sails? I'm would like to buy three fins. I thought about 32 cm, 36 cm and 40 cm, although especially the 32 cm is much shorter than the recommendation on the board for a 6.3.

I'm looking forward to your replay, thanks!

Best wishes,

27th April 2011, 12:39 PM
Hi Dennis,

We recommend the SL4 as follow :

6.3/36 ; 7.0 & 8.0/38

You can use 34 but 32 for the 101 will be too small or for very flat water for deep down wind.

For racing follow the recommendation will be better.

All the best